Here are just a few of the nice things y'all say to me. Just thought I'd share the love.


This wedding blog by US thirty-something (now-married) blogger Louise Truett offers handy first-person tips on wedding preparation as it follows her own journey from singleton to wife and beyond. Her posts on real weddings include interviews with brides and grooms on their wedding-planning process, making it a great resource for working out what to do and things to avoid. 

What we love: The entertaining author’s no-holds-barred attitude to wedding dos and don’ts.

- Austalia's Complete Wedding, Top 10 Wedding Blogs


I really do enjoy reading your blog.  It was so nice to find a blog that I can relate to.  We're getting married in November, neither of us have been married before, and I'm 36, he'll be 39 by the time we get hitched.  Also, I'm what folks call a "plus size" girl and I'm taller than my groom.  I really appreciate the writing that you do regarding what beauty is.  I'm pretty sure that I've said that poorly, but I hope you get what I mean.  Beauty is everywhere, and every body can reflect that.  Is that better?  It's late and I'm rambling.  Anyway, thank you so very much for your Master Budget Plan.  You are awesome. 



Hey! As a soon-to-be Nashville bride, I've been reading your blog since it was just a little blog and now it's a big, real-live website with sponsors and everything! And I just gotta say, the reason why I've kept reading it is because of how REAL you are, and how honest your blog is. One of the most annoying things about wedding planning has been how incestuous the whole industry seems; everyone has special relationships with everyone else, and it's hard to get the real deal on anyone! So I've stumbled upon your Unfake Weddings and I LOVE the questions about who was the biggest pain in the ass! It's soooo hard to get the scoop on who sucks in the wedding industry, and I think its badass that even though you now have sponsors and people you're supposed to keep happy, you're not afraid to keep it real and tell everyone who sucks (and who's really awesome!).
Plus I'm not gonna lie I dig your dry sense of humor, sarcasm and use of profanity...maybe because you sound a little like me! You never see that on bridal blogs!
Anyways just had to give you props on the awesomeness, especially for cluing me in to who sucks and what's a waste of time/money, because that info is impossible to find elsewhere!



We just love The Thirty Something Bride. We love your writing, your wit, and your sense of style ... and my staff has somehow convinced me that reading your blog is actually an important part of the work day. We enjoy your "unfake weddings" features (loved the series on Carissa and Jake) and we love all of your great DIY tips.

-Erick Danzer
Executive Director
Best of Wedding Photography


Your blog is an everyday light in my life. I love reading your updates, and seeing where you're going, what you're doing, how married life is, all of that fun stuff.



I wanted to thank you for writing your blog! It's definitely been a refreshing break from the mostly redundant wedding world. I love your no frills right to the point style and how you get to the details of each wedding, as far as cost and brides' advice. I've laughed with it and teared up at sweet moments. I appreciate the real emotions that go into every post. It makes me calm down during the stressful moments of my own wedding planning process.

Thank you for sharing your experiences and creating a place where other brides can honestly share the triumphs and woes of their own process.


I stumbled upon your blog as I was searching for a source for antique keys for my dear daughter-in-law to be!  She had originally ordered keys from a source that wasn't able to fill her order.  She needed another source quickly and didn't want to spend more than $1 per key.

Thanks be to a Google search - I came upon your blog and your blog entry on vintage decor!

Kennedy Hardware was listed and my future daughter-in-law was able to order 2 bulk packages of keys! It was a joy to be able to help her out.

LOVE your blog - finding it was so providential!