Invigorated! Oh, and The Ceremony, Part II
Thursday, January 7, 2010 at 10:57AM
Louise in Ceremony, ReCaps

I feel so alive after writing yesterdays post, reading the groovy comments and getting a little lost  in the blogosphere last night. How lame am I? I don't care. I don't. I made an effort yesterday not to just scroll down through my Google Reader, but to investigate out and about and I found some really great reading. I highly encourage y'all to do the same when you've got the time. Tip: Good blog writers generally have interesting reads on their blog rolls. Check 'em out.

Where was I? I think I was walking down the aisle? Yes, I think so. When I first walked in with my Dad and everyone stood up I was thinking:

"What do I look at? Who do I look at? Oh! There's Marie! Hi, Marie!  Oh, her dress is so pretty. That must be her new boyfriend. Oh! Don't cry Michele, you're gonna make me cry. Oh, and there's Spud (it's a nickname) and he's wearing a TIE! Oh, the big wreath looks so pretty. There's the guitarist. This is a nice song. Am I walking too fast? Man, there are a lot of cameras. I don't see my mom. She should be in the front. Oh, there's a tall person. She's probably behind him. My hand feels sweaty. Am I sweating? Ew. What's my veil doing? Will the guitarist end the song right? I never noticed those art deco lights before. The light in here is gorgeous! My dad's jacket feels scratchy. I wonder if he feels scratchy."

This all happened in my head in about 6 seconds.

And then I remembered a piece of advice a sorority sister gave me.

*Interruption - Yes, I was in a sorority. Delta Zeta at Indiana University. I joined for a few reasons:

1. I had transferred to IU, was a sophomore and knew NO ONE.

2. Midwesterners aren't the most welcoming group of people, compared to Southerners. I was having a tough time with that and thought joining a sorority would help. I was partially correct.

3. Indiana is a "dry" campus and they only way to get into a party was to be in a sorority/fraternity. So you could actually say that I joined a sorority to get my drink on.

4. Yes, we sang songs, clapped and wore matching t-shirts on occasion. This wasn't as bad as you might think. 

5. Rush - yes, it's as bad as you might think. 

6. I have to say that my house was cool in the sense that it wasn't about beauty queens (though we had our share), cat-fights (though they did occur) or being a skinny bitch (yup). There were cliques and there was bullshit, but looking at it in its entirety? We were an amazingly eclectic group of women from far and wide and we were smart (in the Top 5 GPA every semester). We donated our time and energy to philanthropic adventures. It was even fun at times.

7. I continue to have great relationships with a handful of women though so much time has passed. Hence the advice, that I will get back to now. *


So the advice was to make sure I looked at The Candyman. To make sure that I paid attention to what was said, to what I said and to get into the moment versus being swept away by it. So that's what I did. I zeroed in on The Candyman and my mind became crystal clear!

I think The Candyman was about to do one of two things here. He was either going to A) take a trip to Giggletown or B) cry. Neither occurred. Whew!

Words, words, words. Gettin' hitched.

Listening to the poem The Candyman wrote. My MOH looks a little bored, don't you think? I think maybe she was just listening really hard. ;)


Aw, Mom! Don't cry! I love how my Dad is holding my mom's hand. The Candyman will probably get irritated at me for this, but he says this picture makes him sad. It's the empty space next to his Dad, where his Mom should be. She passed away when The Candyman was 11. After he told me, it made me sad too.

Time for The Candyman's ring!


OK, so I love the progression of these next couple of shots. Check out the MOH's face too! I know she's looking at her daughter, The Flower Girl!



 And that's how you get married, folks. Nothing to it, right? We had a grand time, that's for sure. Neither of us cried, thank GOD! There was a little humour involved, always good at a wedding. There was a little gooey romance, a touch of God, a lot of spirit and the most important thing? Love. It's all about the love. It's all you need.

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