Weddings on RueLaLa! Grab an Invite!
Tuesday, June 21, 2011 at 4:00PM
Louise in Bargains, RueLaLa, Shopping

Tomorrow a big day on RueLaLa! It’s their semi-annual (or is it annual, I can’t remember) wedding extravaganza! Are you familiar with RueLaLa? No? It’s an on-line shopping experience chock full of big savings and fun fashion, trips, food, kitchen gadgets, home décor….you name it!


Tomorrow the boutiques on RueLala open up for weddings stuff. Here’s what on the docket:

Looks like good stuff right? Here’s the party-pooping lameness….you can’t shop unless you’ve been invited or are on their waiting list for like, ever. The total party-girl happiness is that I can solve that problem for you ASAP. I am now your new bestie. Admit it, you know you want to.

Use this link right here: and you can shop ‘til your heart’s content.

*This is not a sponsored link. I just like RueLaLa and their wedding boutiques. I will, however, get a $10 credit for folks I invite who buy something. The same will go for you if you join and invite someone!

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