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Wednesday, September 14, 2011 at 5:00AM
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OKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOKOK….OK!!! I’m so excited. Like puppybutt-wiggle excited!

OK, so remember the kick-ass backyard Unfake Wedding from yesterday? Well, OK. The bride? Her name is Stephanie? Yeah, well. OK, just read her email. It’s WAY easier than trying to explain it all.


Hi Louise

I hope you are having a great Wednesday! You don't know me, but I read your blog and love it. Even though my wedding is now over, yours is one of the few wedding blogs I still read on a regular basis (probably because you're not just about weddings anymore!). I really like your spunk, style and great adventures. Your earthquake story today was great. My friends back east were freaking out over their earthquake yesterday and I couldn't help but laugh after all of the quakes we've been through in California!
Anyhow, post-wedding I find myself with a beautiful dress, just sitting in the closet... After some thought, I would like to give it away for a few reasons:
1. It is so gorgeous and it would be sad for it to never see the light of day again. The world needs beautiful things and this is one of them!
2. It is discontinued so there won't be any more made...sadly...bringing me back to point number 1.
3. I hope I will have a boy (if/when we decide to have kids) but even if I have a girl child I would not want her to feel obligated to wear my dress. She should be able to have the fun of choosing her own!
4. I am very practical and into re-using and recycling, so the thought of my dress having a second life makes me happy. Seeing it in the closet again and again will probably make me feel guilty that it hasn't gone to a new home yet.
It is a Melissa Sweet, style "Plum" that I got at a sample sale in Miami. You seem to like stories so here goes the story of how I found my dress: I was looking for a dress last summer and thought I was going to buy one online,  for about $500 from Dolly Couture- the Milan, very cute tulle tea-length number. From watching/drooling over Say Yes to the Dress, though, I knew about fancy designers and I had signed up for the Priscilla of Boston email list on the off-chance that there was a sample sale in a city while I was traveling, since there was no PofB in LA (where we live) at the time and I travel a fair bit for work. Lo and behold, about 3 days before I have this trip to Miami I get a sample sale email. I Google-map the hotel and the salon, and they are 2 blocks apart. Fate! I had a 1-hour break between meetings and a team dinner one night, so I headed over to the salon. After being hassled for not having an appointment (when the sample sale email said 'no appointments necessary'!) I was allowed to browse the racks. I am fairly in touch with what I wanted and what works for my body, so I quickly had two selections and was shown to a dressing room. Contrary to what happens on SYTTD, the lady left me alone to get into the dresses myself. I put the first one on and it's fabulous (it's the one I ended up getting- the first wedding dress I ever tried on!). The sample size fits me and flatters my figure in a way I didn't anticipate from the drop-waist. The price tag, however, says $1850 (marked down from $3500) and there's no way I'm going to pay that much for a dress. I reluctantly take it off and put on the second one, which makes me look super-fat and is not very attractive, but it doesn't have a price tag so the lady goes to check on the price for me. She comes back and says that the second one is $2500, but 50% off, so down to $1250. Thanks but no thanks. Then she says that the first one, which I loved, was $995...and also 50% off! For the same price as the online dress, I could have a Melissa Sweet?!! Yes please!! I paid for the dress and carried it home with me on the plane the next day. Everyone laughed to know that I bought my wedding dress alone, in Miami, in an hour break before dinner, and as the first wedding dress I tried on. Nuts, but just the way I like it. :)
So anyhow, if you are amenable and would be so gracious as to post this, I would love to give the dress away to one of your readers or friends. I would want someone spunky who is not WIC-obsessed, but other than that I don't have a lot of criteria.
The dress is a sample, but in great shape, bridal size 8 (I normally wear a street size 4-6 on top where it's fitted), and it has been professionally cleaned since the wedding. I altered the length myself by taking it up from the waist since I wanted an actual tea length and I am not 5'8" like the model it was built for (just 5'4"). I have been sewing for over 20 years so the alterations look close to professional (the one mistake I made is hidden by the sash and I doubt anyone else would have even noticed). For full disclosure, I did manage to drip some salted caramel ice cream on the skirt at the wedding, but that is gone now!
If you'd like to take a look at the dress (and our wedding!!) our photographer got it published on this random blog a few weeks ago: One Love Photography.
Let me know what you think...thanks!!

OK, so you totally know what we’re doing now, right???? FREE GOWN! FREE GOWN! FREE GOWN!!!! FREEEEEEE GOOOOOOOWWN!

So here’s the skinny. I totally had Stephanie send me the dress so I could give the thing a look-see to make sure all was capice. It’s a beautiful 100% silk chiffon overlay that’s embroidered with these little round things and teeny sequins. Very pretty. I went over it with a fine tooth comb. It’s immaculate. I did find her sewing mistake, but I looked for it. Naked eye? No way. Some of the embroidery circles on the back had a few loose threads, but after I steamed the gown, I snipped those off and it all looks fantastic. There are some dresser’s marks on the inside lining of the gown, but it’s on the inside and they are teeny. Full dress disclosure here. If you win this gown, all you should do is get it professionally cleaned and pressed again so that it’s at it’s very best. My hand steamer was good, but I’d take it to do professionally, just to be thorough. 

The model shot of this dress can be found here. Also, some detail shots I took of the gown here in the TruLu Couture studio:







Pretty, right? So here’s what you have to do to win it.

1. Leave a comment – 1 entry.

2. Follow me on Twitter (@T30SB) – 1 entry. Leave an ADDITIONAL comment here telling me that you are a follower, new or old. Both will get ya the entry, just comment.

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4. Make sure you read the Official Rules here. Contest entries will be accepted up until 11:59pm EST on Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Winner will be announced on Friday, September 23rd!

That’s it. Have fun. Spread the word. Make a bride happy. 

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