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Lela Rose, A Snapshot

So I briefly mentioned that I headed back to Nashville last weekend. I thought I might be blogging non-stop about all the exciting things I was doing. I thought I’d be uploading tons of fun pictures, blah, blah, blah.


None of that really happened. However, it’s not like I didn’t have fun. I totally did. I just spent a ton of time seeing everyone I really wanted to see and not doing much else. Oh wait, I was doing something else – eating. Oh, and drinking. I got my serious drunk on Saturday night and I swear, it has been a loooooooong time since I was that hammered. Happily, I was drinking hot sake and that doesn’t give me such a miserable hang-over as any other booze. Still, it was bad enough that I spent the first half of Sunday on the couch watching that Drew Barrymore movie Cinderella as well as Along Came Polly. Yeah. It was that bad.

Before I did that though, I was out and about in Nashville. I went to Sweet 16th (my cake buffet bakery of choice) and picked up The Candyman’s favorite cake, The Velvet Elvis (chocolate cake/peanut butter cream/red velvet cake/peanut butter cream/chocolate cake – all covered with cream cheese frosting). I mean, how could I NOT get one of those to take home? And it’s soooooo goooooooooooood.

I also swung by one of my favorite bridal shops in Nashville, The Bride Room. I’m still on their email list and I saw that they were having a Lela Rose trunk show. Why wouldn’t I stop by, right? I’m always looking for an excuse to go see gowns up close and personal.

The detail work on this dress was totally sick. I mean SICK! Gorgeous and vintage-y and from far away, it had an ombre feel to it as the pattern got wide and less compact as it traveled down the length of the gown. Sadly, I only had my 50mm lens so couldn’t get a very good long shot. My bad. Just trust me – it was hot to death.


Loved this little short number (it stops right about where I cut it off in the photo. LOVE my mad photog skillz!). Looks like feathers, right? True, there are a few long marabou feathers on there, but if you look up close, it’s actually frayed silk crepe. Or maybe organza. I didn’t officially check. Either way, cutie-patootie shortie, right?

Other than a few other quick pit-stops, I honestly just spent my time with good friends. While many of my visits were far too brief, it was wonderful to see everyone and I’m just sad that the time flew by so quickly. I’m also a little sad that the scale is most accurately reflecting the five days I spent there. I’m telling you though, that Velvet Elvis is worth every pound. Smile 

SO GET EXCITED! Tomorrow I announce the winner of the Melissa Sweet Gown! WOOT!

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