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{Accessorize It!} The Sash

We in the wedding world talk all about personalization. Personalize your invitations (Uh, how do you do that? It already has our names on it?), personalize your favors, your this, your that. The list is freaking endless, right?

The quest to avoid the cookie-cutter image of a wedding: white tulle, paired bells, flying doves, intertwined hearts and the Electric Slide is never-ending. It’s what’s keeping the WIC alive and strong.

Often the problem with unique, personalized wedding statements is that they are expensive in either money or time or both. Happily, there are lots and lots of resources out there to help brides wade through and reduce the outlay of that time and money.

What does this have to do with The Sash? It’s a great way to “personalize” your gown and it totally doesn’t have to cost much!

One of the things I do in my daily life in regards to style is accessorize. I’ve learned over the years that spending money on super-trendy clothes is ridiculous. The clothes don’t last longer than a season, they are made like crap and I end up with a closet full of nothing to wear. Accessories on the other hand? I’ll “waste” some money on huge, dangly earrings or big ol’ bangles because mixing and matching and adding in funky accessories to staple items gives the impression of being hip and happening without blowing a wad of cash.

You can do the same with your gown.

Go romantic and dreamy:

image  image

The Outnet  Mikael Aghal lace-trimmed tulle gown $192 + TruLu Couture Sash $150 = $342

(Come on, it looks good, I had to!)

Go beachy:

image image

J. Crew Sophia Gown in silk on sale $298 + Etsy Shop Denizy03 $75 = $373

Go vintage:

image image

Nicole Miller open-back sleeveless gown $750 + Emily Riggs Bridal Sash $300 = $1050

Go funky and fun:

image image

MoniRose English Tulle & Lace Gown $500 + KPersonBoutique on Etsy $239 = $739

Go glam:

image image

Alberto Makali beaded trumpet gown $1298 + MillieICARO jeweled sash $222 = $1520

A few tips and thoughts:

  • If you’re short, a sash/belt will look better if it’s thinner and higher up, elongating the bottom half of your body.
  • Don’t be afraid to sash over ruching, lace, beading or asymmetrical designs.
  • Don’t be afraid to remove a factory added belt or sash. Any seamstress or alterations lady worth her salt can accomplish this. I removed the side flower from my own gown simply because I didn’t like it. Snip! Snip! All done!
  • Not big on flowers or beading? That’s OK! Try just a simple silk ribbon in any number of widths or colors. Try wrapping it around your waist obi-style. Style the bow, knot, half-bow to the side or in the front. Embellish it with a brooch.
  • Have you found really pretty ribbon that has wire edging? Guess what? You can PULL THE WIRE OUT. Start on one side at an end, scrunching the ribbon until you see the tip of the wire. Grab a hold of it with your nails or some needle-nose pliers and start pulling. Really thin wire can snap, particularly if it’s vintage, so go slow. It can help to have someone hold the ribbon out straight and somewhat taught as you do this. I’ve been known to hold the ribbon between my feet so I can put it out straight….. Do the same for the other side and voila! Now the ribbon will be drape-y and lovely.
  • To finish off the ends, you can turn the edge twice and sew. You can use fabric glue (though this thought makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit). You can also heat finish the ends. Test with a small swatch of the ribbon first. Most ribbon has some sort of poly blend in it today and you can actually melt the ends using a candle flame. Patience, safety and care is required here, but it makes a really nice edge.
  • If you’re tall? Make sure the sash is long enough, particularly if you’re making a larger bow or wrapping it more than once. Generally 75”-100” is a good length. You want to make sure the tails don’t stop a length that’s too short for your look.
  • Thinner ribbon belts can also double as headbands. Wear the sash and a veil for the ceremony, then ditch the veil for the reception and move the sash up to your hair!
  • You can find sashes on Etsy for as little as $5, all the way up to $800. There is a sash for every bride and every price point!

So what do you think? Are you a sash kind of a bride? How did you decide to make your gown your own?


Cool Idea! Up-do Accessories!

OK, so yesterday I showed you The Giant Pouf. Today, I want to share this other idea I got from the photo shoot.

We had a model all dressed and ready to go and when I went to put whichever headpiece I had assigned to the dress on, it just didn’t work. We tried all sort of different pieces and it just wasn’t coming together with the dress and the hair. Frustrated, we called over the hairstylist to enlist her creativity.

We showed her our previous ideas, which she too dismissed. She looked through all the products, gently shaking her head, just as we had done. She asked me, “You got anything else?” I did, but they were things that were incredibly simple that I had kept packed up. I mean, after The Giant Pouf the plain things seemed sort of….dull.

I pulled out the few remaining goodies in my arsenal of hair toys and the hairdresser made a beeline straight for The Annabelle Headband exclaiming, “Ooooooh! This one!” However, we had already tried a ribbon-styled headband on the model and it just did not work with the look, which we all started protesting to her at the same time.

“No! Not as a headband! Like this!” and she immediately started twisting the headband into the incredible bun she had created, leaving the small, beaded accent toward the top of the up-do.

Check it out:


I simply adored her take on the headband and the idea of pinning pretty ribbon into a detailed up-do like this. I’ve seen flowers and sparkly pins and such pinned in, but never a ribbon. I simply had to share!

So what do you think? Do you love this idea or what?


Local Loveliness

I was touring around Etsy yesterday TRYING to find something cool for The Candyman for our second anniversary, which tradition says is cotton. We are following tradition. I don’t want to get something predictable, like a t-shirt. Or clothes of any sort. I want something cool and yet it can’t be over $50 (budget, budget budget). I found this killer Dias de Los Muertos quilt wall hanging thing, but it was WAY over the limit. *sigh* Any ideas would be more than welcome…

Anyway, I started shopping under the “local” function and ran across a very cool vintage shop cleverly called ReInVintage. It has 15 pages of things that I simply love. Perhaps you will too!

For the brides:


Early 1900’s iron, rope and silk purse. $88

image image

Vintage white gloves with scalloped edge detail. $24


Vintage kitten heels. $30

Pour moi:


1930’s Black, yellow and silver dress with suede waistband. $385

(I ‘d wear it sans petticoat)

image image

1950’s De Lisa Deb Heels, $64

(And yes, I think I just might wear these with that dress! Though in reality, prolly not unless I want to cut my toes off to fit into them!)


Vintage handbag, $28


I just love when I can shop (window or otherwise) local, don’t you? What’s your favorite local haunt? Share the link if you are so inclined! I love exploring new finds. Of course, local does not have to mean Charlotte in this instance. Share your local love worldwide (that’s right, T30SB is in 150 countries! WOOT!).


Fantasy Land Friday

Fantasy Land Friday

Where I can pretend I’m always planning my wedding…where there are no budgets, locale limitations, opposing religions, or back-talking in-laws.

Where back-fat is an unknown, shoes are always comfortable and the fondant tastes like buttercream.

A place where there are no choices, only the perfect.


The Dress.


The hairpiece.


The Shoes.


The Bag.


The Jewels.


The Bouquet.

Sigh…I love Fantasy Land Friday, don't you?

Happy long Labor Day Weekend, y'all. I can't believe summer....ZOOOM - there it went!


It's Dior, Baby.

Last time I went to see my parents, my mom and I went out and about in their little Southern horse town. Main Street, USA, has a strip of small stores of mostly over-priced goods and services for the equestrian tourists who visit the area. It’s cute and it’s fun though and my mom and I hit up the antique mall to dig around for TruLu Couture goodies.

We had wandered the whole store (it’s pretty big, lots of little consignment vignette-based interior boutiques) and followed the 25% off signs to a small room on the upper level, accessed by a low-ceilinged, tight staircase. I found a hat that I wanted. It was totally overpriced at $79. I left it there and we went back to our shopping.

The problem is that I couldn’t stop thinking about that damn hat. Why? Because it was vintage Christian Dior. DIOR! The hat was in such a state of disrepair that I could not justify $79 for it, nor 25% off $79. Still, I couldn’t stop thinking about the damn hat. So when I saw my parents this week, I asked my mom to go back to the shop with me to see about negotiating a better price.

Imagine our dismay when we couldn’t find the hat. Boo. I did some more digging and saw some hat boxes further back on a shelf, nearly inaccessible because of all the shit piled on the floor.

The first box was this odd purple chenille number. Pass. The second box held this baby:



I found out (after a little help from Google) that William Silverman was a hat designer in the late 1950’s. The green Russian tulle is in pretty good condition and the flowers are pristine. Definitely will take this apart and make it into something else! I got this for about $18 (25% off $25) and I thought it was a good deal.

We found the original hat I was looking for too! It was just hiding. Check it out!



It’s in pretty bad shape. The leaves and smaller flowers have been attacked by silk eating moths, but the larger flowers have been spared. It’s stained. Clearly repairs were attempted, shown by the large stitch taken right through the label. But it’s DIOR!

Then I found yet another hat amongst the pile of boxes:



Another Dior hat! Score. This one is in better shape than the other, but still needs a little tender loving care. I don’t think the flowers are silk, but I could be wrong. The center little puff balls are pale blue and I think they are wool felt. We’ll see after I start with the clean-up process.

The coolest thing was that I got all three hats for $85! It was sort of funny though because I started doing the negotiations in my head on the way to cash wrap, focusing in on value of the item, the state of disrepair, the store’s mark-up and my mom was sort of chattering away to me the whole time. I told her I needed to negotiate alone and I realized that I needed that in my job too. I’d send out any other staff members so I could focus on my deal. I probably could have low-balled the lady and gotten another $5 to $10 off the price, but what I paid was pretty fair.

So excited about the hats!

This quick little trip home made me realize something: I’m not as alone as I sometimes feel in this endeavor. While I was there, my dad showed me photos of vintage goodies from local shop that I might be interested in. He just stopped in because he wanted to help me find vintage stuff. There was a bag with some vintage crocheted trim and a scrap of vintage eyelet fabric that my mom gave me. It‘s stuff that a lady from her sewing circle brought to her for me. Why? Because my mom told all her little old Southern sewing circle ladies to bring her vintage stuff they didn’t want. The Candyman got me a really expensive dress form for my birthday. My parents gave me one of their laptops so I could get out of the house to work on occasion (or at least out of the corner of spare bedroom). There are blog friends who have purchased and promoted TruLu Couture for me. My cousin sent me AWESOME goodies from Lina G’s for my birthday that can be made into glorious lovelies (these, I think I’ll keep for ME!).

So while I may be working by myself, I am certainly not doing this alone. For this I am so grateful, but clearly forgetful of in times of distress or when I’m simply overwhelmed.

Thanks to everyone for all your support! I am one lucky girl. I mean, with all that AND Dior? Come on!

Happy Weekend.