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I WON! You Can Too!

I. Won.

That's right, bitches. Boo-ya. Love winning. Love love love it!

So thank you, Readers (and writers!). Ya voted me in and I am mucho appreciato! What did I win? This:



I am so honored to represent both Nashville and Ashely's Bride Guide! I really do love this town and I have been so welcomed by the wedding community as a daily interruption/intrusion/annoyance to their normal flow of business. Thanks for having me and for tolerating my nonsense!

I get all sorts of goodies as this year's winner, including tickets to the ABG SATC2 party! Sweet! Know what else I get? I get tickets to give away to the SOLD OUT party!

Who wants them? Leave me a comment ASAP! The first BRIDES who comment get tickets. Period. All ya gotta do is comment. But ya gotta be a BRIDE! The party is May 27th at Aloft Hotel!

And go on over to Ashley's Bride Guide, there's a Thirty-Something Bride interview!


SATC2, ABG, T30SB, BNBB - An Acronym Conglomeration*


It's COMING!!!!!!

SO excited. Not just for the movie, but for the Girl's Night Out Party, sponsored by Ashely's Bride Guide.

Here are the party details:

ABG has managed to design the ultimate bridal showcase + girl party.  It will be fun for all but it is designed to introduce you to great wedding/event pros in a fun, non-bridal show atmosphere that your bridesmaids will LOVE too:).

Swag - All attendees will receive great goodies to take home!  Our party sponsor, StudioWed, is offering VIP bride swag just for you but you must register before the tickets are gone. 

Food - We have two incredible catering companies (Down South Delights and A Catered Affair) and we're challenging them to a Nashville vs NYC food throw down!  Come out and taste the best of both cities - think BBQ vs bagels:).  If you are a bride, this will be a great way to sample and get great ideas for your wedding reception. 

Shopping - Once we announced the party, shopping vendors started pouring in! Jewelry, clothes, shoes, stationery, gifts, purses - we'll have a something for everyone.  Great thing - all of the businesses are locally owned and operated, all by females.  Girl power!

Pampering - Service providers will range from massages and mini-manicures to eyebrow/lash, hair and makeup art!  Services will be "sample size aka $1 per minute) or complimentary!  You can indulge, sample, find your favorites for your wedding day...or you can make any day special:).

Entertainment & giveaways - The DJ will be spinning; the photo booth will be snapping fun pictures and we'll offer awesome prizes, gift cards to the most fabulous, women!

Now here's the skinny. The party is SOLD OUT! However, there is a wait list as there could be a few extra tickets added at the last minute.

And note - I will definitely be there. And The Thirty-Something Bride will have some killer swag in the guest bags. You do not want to miss it! It will coincide with an announcement later on this spring/summer.

Are you a bride intimated by the big bridal shows? This is a great opportunity to relax, bring your girls out and meet the local folks. I promise, they don't bite.

AND, Ashley has tied this whole party right into the Best Nashville Bridal Blog contest. The winning blogger gets to go to the party (even if nominated - SWEET!), gets free tickets to share with her readers (um, that would be you!) and of course, the 2010 title of Best Nashville Bridal Blogger! So you wanna go? Either put yourself on the wait list. Or even easier, go vote for me here. If you want to go to the party, leave me a comment and I will share tickets if I win!

*SATC2 = Sex and the City 2

ABG = Ashley's Bride Guide

T30SB = The Thirty-Something Bride (also my Twitter name)

BNBB = Best Nashville Bridal Blog


I Need My Peeps!

All righty then.

I think I might see a light at the end of a very dark tunnel, indeed. A wee bit of it is peeking through. By week's end, I hope to exit the aforementioned dark tunnel and get back to some things that I want to do, like read some blogs. Sheesh.  

So the blog this evening has multiple parts. First part: I'm in a Blogger Land conundrum. They happen often times when Real World collides with Blogger World. This has become an issue twice just this week! You other Bloggers know of what I speak. Sometimes the collision is quite wonderful - a meeting of minds, likes, similar dislikes and a semi-command of the English language. All wonderful things. The other collision is when words are like weapons - intended or not. It's amazing what the written word can do. Words are powerful. They move me to tears more than any other media. I pride myself (perhaps too much) in being Captain of my Collective Words. However, what I want to say and what flows from my head to my blog are not always the same sentiment or meaning. It's maddening. Simply maddening. That's all I got for that right now. Definitely fodder for a later, longer post.

We have things to discuss. So let's move on.

Second part: I am feeling these past few weeks that I am at a bit of a crossroads. I can't put my finger on what it is and that too, is maddening. Maybe it's just that soooooo many things are happening right now. Work is so crazy I can't even tell you. I cried at work this morning. It wasn't even 8:15am. Seriously? That's how the days is starting? Oy. It's that, plus the fact that I haven't worked out in like a month and feel gross. Ugh.   I would much rather be at the Stella & Dot party that Sharon's throwing tonight at Studio Wed, but couldn't make it. There are more shenanigans with Tabitha  on Friday that I want to be a part of and yet, no time to call her! She's at Stella & Dot now.....boo. But besides all that silliness, I do feel something large is coming - and it scares me a little. I hate being unprepared.

Third part: totally self-congratulatory in every way imaginable. I am so going to lose this as I have some stiff competition. But like anything worth winning, I'm willing to put forth my best effort. So, that being said. Um look, I need a big favor.....

Y'all know my love for the local go-to spot for all things Nashville Wedding is like, Ashley's Bride Guide, right? She made me famous, I owe her.  And she's a super-sweet-cool-smart chick, so that helps. Anyway, Her Majesty is sponsoring a contest.

So, I could be all "Vote for me! Vote for me!" and I guess, I kinda am. BUT, I wouldn't want to win based on votes alone. This kind of win needs some merit behind it. Maybe? Perhaps I'm taking this too seriously and should just say, "Vote for me! Vote for me!" But no. Let's do this the right way. You gotta check out the local competition and give a fair comparison. Here's the group:


Click on the picture above of all the bliggity blog buttons and it will take you to Ashley's Bride Guide for all the links. If I was to vote for a blogger (other than myself - "Vote for me! Vote for me!") I'd go for The Renegade Bride. That crazy chick isn't even engaged and she's planning her wedding. I secretly ADORE her.

So go vote. You have to leave a comment. Share the love. Show the love. Go read some Nashvillians talking all things wedding! weddings! weddings! and get your vote on. Here.    


Ashley's Bride Guide

So what if you're not from Nashville? I won't hold it against you. It doesn't mean you can't check out Ashley's Bride Guide. Why? Because it rocks. I first met Ashley last May (HOLY CRAP, that was almost a year ago!) at my house. It was decided that a bunch of us needed to meet and I threw some wine and cheese into the mix and everyone showed up at the last minute. Generally, that's how I get people to be my friends - I lure them in with snacks. It was a great night that went looooong for a school night!
That night a few of us got a little tipsy (OK, maybe it was just me... and I think maybe Jonathon) and talked blogging and weddings and bridal crap. It was a ton of fun and the women sitting in the photo (do you see The Candyman hiding in the kitchen?) have all become both friends and even better friends since this photo was taken.
Miss Liza (perched seductively on the right) is now preggers and has a Mommy Blog.
Tabitha (you know, my kick-ass planner - she's in yellow) is now writing for Ashley's Bride Guide. She was even a third shooter for Jonathon at a wedding not too long ago!
Sharon is still managing JCP like the pro she is. To be honest she and I probably talk WAY too long and often considering we both have full time jobs and she has three kids to take care of. It's a good thing The Campbell's don't live closer because I have a feeling we'd be like, over at each other's house all the damn time.
You ceratinly know what I have been up to.
But what has Ashley (the chick with the killer biceps and the cammo hat) been doing? Well, let me tell you. She's turned ABG into one balls-out site and it just keeps getting better and better. Seriously.
For all the local gals, she's got THE Nashville list of resources and vendors. She highlights real weddings (you'rs truly was listed as one of the Best in 2009),luxury bridal, DIY and has a host of inspirational photos. One of the best things about Ashley's site is that a good chunk of vendors will offer you discounts if you mention ABG! Seriously? I could have gotten 20% off invitations? Dammit. I hate missing the good deals.
Ashley is a wedding force to be reckoned with. She's in touch, in tune and man, that lady is like, everywhere. It's kinda scary, actually. Neither of us ever have enough time, but I love hanging with her and picking her brain when we find a moment or two to chat. While I definitely love the look and maneuverability of her new website, it pales in comparison to the real deal: Ashley King is just a wonderful person. You should go give her some comment love based on that fact alone. Go. Now. You know you want to. Here, I'll make it easy. CLICK