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Holy shit. Are you telling me that a year has passed since I wrote about turning 40? You know, I remember being in the 7th grade and just agonizing over how long the year was taking…I wanted to be an 8th grader so badly! It felt like the longest year in all of time. Now, the time just slips on by. How does that happen? Time is time, neither fast nor slow, but somehow it seems to pass so much more quickly these days. I’m sure there’s a metaphor there for enjoying life moment by moment, but I’m too sodium-bloated from the pizza The Candyman and I had last night to think of one.

I do think I’ve been in a bit of denial about my age this past year. I don’t offer up my age as readily as I used to. I’m too self-critical to believe I might look good for 41, as I think I might be starting to look my age. However, I know from history that when I look back at old photos of myself at 16, 25, 35 I always think, “What the hell was I thinking? I looked GOOD!” I’m trying to remember that now, so that I can feel positive and know that when I look back on myself in 15 years I’ll keep thinking, “Damn, I looked GOOD!” instead of “What was I thinking?”

I am still trying to wrap my brain around some of the physical changes of growing older. My wrinkles are more plentiful. Things sag. It sucks balls. That part of growing older blows, I won’t lie. I’m still trying to come to terms with it. There used to be times when I would pass a group of men and literally feel them staring at me as I walked passed, my eyes front for fear of the male group dynamic kicking in should one of them catcall or comment. Now, I sail on by without a hitch. I’m smart enough to know that I don’t look like I used to, that I’m no longer the thing that turns heads or encourage whistles. What I also know is that very few men now consider me a thing, but a woman - one you probably don’t want to fuck with in regards to impolite male behavior.

The good stuff is that I know I‘m growing wiser. I’m still unsure of myself. I’m still a little on the crazy side. I still feel slightly neurotic at times. At least I know these things about myself – I’m not walking around in a self-absorbed cloud like I did in my twenties and for a good chunk of my thirties. 

I’m not going to wax poetic here like I did when I turned 40. No need. The deed has been done. It’s just another year. However, there are a few things I’m happy for and want to share:


1. I am SO happy I never got a tattoo.

2. I am SO happy I didn’t pierce my tongue when I was 25 and seriously considering it.

3. I am SO happy I didn’t marry the first guy who asked.

4. I am SO happy I left LA in 1998, not a moment too soon.

5. I am SO happy that I never got arrested (though there were plenty of times I should have been).


1. I am SO happy that I married the man of my dreams.

2. I am SO happy that we live closer to our families.

3. I am SO happy that Botox exists.

4. I am SO happy that I am doing what I love to do (challenging as it may be).

5. I am SO happy that despite a few pitfalls, I have thus far lived a charmed life.

I still get a little nervous sharing my age here, for fear of being judged an old lady. The truth is though, those judging me based on my age will most likely be young. And foolish. I relish in the knowledge that one day, they too will be 40, and then 41 and will look back on their thoughts and comments with (hopefully) the same wisdom of “What was I thinking?” that I have now. I mean, growing wiser is the probably best remedy for boobs that have lost their perk. Trust me on this one. Winking smile


{New Look!} July is HOT, Baby!

I just couldn’t stand it. Not. One. More. Minute.

Dark and dreary and grey and not very wedding-y feeling at all. But pink? What the fuck? And honestly, I don’t consider myself a girly-girl but this is pretty mother-effin’ girly, I must say. I have no idea where all the hearts ’n shit came from either. Really, I don’t. But I kinda like them. And I like the pink. Go figure. I really hope you do too!

So, there’s some new stuff and some stuff that’s just been moved.

Here’s the skinny:

  • At the tippity tip top of the page, there’s you main tool bar thingy. Up there ya got yer Link Love, and Unfake Weddings and all that jazz. None of that is new, just rearranged. What new is the Vendor Directory. That’s where we’ll share T30SB approved vendors. Soon that will listed by city/region. Stay tuned for more there!
  • We have a whole new extra side bar on the left. There you can check out my vanity clause (otherwise known as my bio).
  • The left side bar also has:
    • All the links you need to stay on top of The Thirty-Something Bride (now that just sounded weird, right?): RSS feed, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Are you familiar with Pinterest yet? Oh. My. God. It’s as addicting as Angry Birds, The Housewives of [Insert City Here] and Pringles, all rolled into one. Promise. Go waste some  time.
    • Newsletter ♥: Sign up here and when we get around to the Newsletter thingy (not long, I promise), you’ll get it emailed to you. Fun!
    • Grab a Button! If you have a blog and want to share The Thirty-Something Bride love, grab you some html and go to town.
    • Got ♥? This is new and weird and….weird. But you know, if Amy Adams can do it, so can I. Check it out.
  • The right side bar is advertising. It’s affiliate programs I’m a part of as well as individual, independent, hard working folks trying to get their name out in this industry. These are the people I encourage to advertise here because there are enough Beau-Coup and Wedding Paper Diva ads out there to choke a horse (not that we don’t like these guys, they are just active affiliate members). All advertisers are considered for content, relevance, design, product offering and price point. If it’s not a fit, we won’t accept them as representatives of this blog.
  • The right side bar also has a few programs I believe in, am a member of and/or support with donations of either my time or money.
  • There's still the little tag cloud down there on the right too, to help you find posts tagged in particular topics.
  • We even have all our ducks in row with legalese and our new privacy policy (that's at the very bottom in the fine print, yo). Go T30SB Legal Team1!

So I think that’s about it. I’ve been working my arse off to get all this done and I’m so happy it is. Whew! Now I can go hit up the antique fair for TruLu Couture vintage goodies! I hope you like playing around and checking out the new digs. I’m sure there will be kinks. Let me know if you find one, okay?

So do you like? Be kind….

Oh, and HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!


Happy Birthday America!

1Thanks, honey!


Killer Beauty

Pistol Packing Lip Smackers? Weapon of Beauty? Pistol Whipped Gloss? New Weapon of Choice for Bond, Jane Bond?  Is it funny? Tasteless? Clearly designed by a man? If anything, it certainly is unique. Check out these new “make-up kits.”


The black is the Chanel001. The white is the Dior001. These are a part of Dutch artist Ted Noten’s seven-part series 7 Necessities for a Woman (to feel like a woman through the eyes of a man).

The black Chanel001 comes “fully loaded” (not my pun, I swear) with an 18k gold toothpick (what every lady needs), a perfume bottle with an 18k gold mechanism, a USB stick, an antique hairpin, a Viagra pill, and of course, Chanel lip gloss.

The white Dior001 packs Dior lip gloss, a USB stick pre-loaded with “secret information” (wonder what that might be!), a 100-gram sterling silver bar (good in case the economic bottom actually does fall out), a hairpin, and a compartment for stashing your “pharmaceuticals.”

The pistols were just on view at Design Miami/Basel (via Stylesight) and are made from 3-D printed nylon. Noten’s  7 Necessities for a Woman (to feel like a woman through the eyes of a man) also includes sunglasses, a bag, helmet, chastity piece (eh?), bionic arm (now this, I understand) and shawl.


The Dior001, a compartment for stashing all your crazy-lady meds.


The Dior001 lip gloss silencer barrel. Nice.


Dior001 blood red, natch.


Dior001 USB stick for all the info you'll be lifting from random computers.


Dior001, the copy calls this a hairpin. It’s actually a hat pin, but what do I know? Maybe I'm splitting hairs? Eh, that was bad....


Dior001 silver bar. For payment across the border.


Dior001 a handy mirror to check that you're stylin' during all that espionage. 


Photo Source

A few thoughts:

1. May not be the best make-up kit to take along on your next flight.

2. Can you image whipping this out at your wedding and then nonchalantly applying your lip gloss?

3. Doesn’t one need a prescription for Viagra, even if it is just one pill?

4. I wonder if Rock-n-Roll Bride would be interested in this accessory? It seems a little, uh….edgy.

Too much? Do tell. 


My Southern Man

The Candyman is a Southerner, born (on this day 37 years ago) and bred. He’s lived outside of The South before, but never for long and not happily either. My roots are Southern, though I’ve lived all over the damn place. Both of my parents are from South Carolina. I was born in North Carolina. Family vacations were spent in Myrtle Beach. The Candyman spent summers on his uncle’s shrimping boat in Wilmington. I’ve wondered more than once if our paths ever crossed when we were younger. Did I ever go into the beach shop where he worked when he lived in Myrtle Beach? Did we ever stand in the same concession line at The Pavilion? Doubtful, but I like to think we did.

Today is my Southern Man’s birthday. I love birthdays. And Christmas. I get really excited about them and have to nudge The Candyman into that excitement at times. His family isn’t really big on all the gift giving. This is contrary to every belief I have about presents. Presents are a necessity. Big or small, inexpensive or fancy – it matters not. The gift of giving is big on my list of favorite things.

I’ll tell you what though, figuring out what to get for The Candyman is no easy task. He doesn’t like clothes with fancy labels or anything, so it’s not like he craves those. I can’t buy him ties or belts or anything other than socks, boxers and t-shirts because he can be rather picky. He doesn’t wear or like jewelry. He doesn’t read for leisure because he reads constantly for his job. He likes food. He likes music. I’ve already given him an iPod, dinners out….it’s tough to find new stuff that he doesn’t need. No one wants freakin’ socks for their birthday.

So this morning I gave The Candyman his present. A banjo.

What? Doesn’t every guy want a banjo?

It’s a used Oscar Schmidt, but it’s in pretty good shape. The Candyman plays by ear, which amazes me as I am one who has to play note by note off of sheet music that sits right in front of my face. This morning, The Candyman and I sat in bed as he immediately just started picking away, saying, “I’m not sure how to do this” all the while playing a tune. I’m all, “Sounds like you know just fine!”

The Candyman loves bluegrass, so I figured it was time he had a banjo. I mean, he’s already got a dobro. Why not just add to the collection of Things The Candyman Can Play? We’re starting to run out of room now though.

Maybe we should have a couple of kids so we can start our own bluegrass band? Or maybe not. At any rate, please help me wish The Candyman the happiest of birthdays.

Love you, babe! 


Bridesmaids, A Review.

So I made The Candyman take me to see Bridesmaids this weekend. I mean seriously, how can I write a sometimes-wedding blog and not go to this movie? The answer is, I cannot.

What I can do is tell you how hard I laughed. I haven’t laughed this hard in a theater since this scene from Juno (I could only find a sound bite file). Click here to hear it.



For some reason, that spit and sticks line really gets me going. Still. And generally, when I lose it, The Candyman is not far behind me. Sometimes we’re the only people cracking ourselves up in the theater. Yes, we’re that couple.

So back to the movie review on deck. Bridesmaids was hysterical. Because I am NOT an official movie reviewer (my favorite movies are Grease, Dangerous Liaisons and Stranger Than Fiction), I am concerned about spoiling the best of this movie, so I’m going to be brief.

Melissa McCarthy as Megan, the groom’s gruff and rough sister, stole the show. The food poisoning scene in the Kleinfeld’s-esque salon was one I wasn’t sure I could make it through. It’s all pants-pooping and vomiting hijinks that was incredibly disgusting, yet I could not “Look away! Look away!” (Those of you who have seen the movie will get this.) This actress makes me happy.


Now, if you’re thirty-something, single and wanting to get married, you may not want to watch this movie. I got a little sad for the main character Annie, played by Kristen Wiig. Honestly, some of the scenes hit a little too close to home for me. The scene where the BFF Lillian, played by Maya Rudolph is making her exit from the wedding and stops and stares at Annie and then jumps into the car and on to her new life? Oh. I just felt that pain, that heart wrenching “I’m OK. I’m good enough even though I feel like I’ll never ever ever meet anyone in the world who will love me enough to marry me” feeling. I mean, my throat got all closed up and choke-y feeling and the tears were welling up in my eyes and then Megan walks up to her with another of her one-liners and it sent me into that laughing-but-I’m-crying thing and I just couldn’t stop. Brilliance.

Helen, played by Rose Byrne is the bitchy friend you just can’t seem to top. She’s that chick, you know the one, the one you love to hate because she’s Little Miss Perfect. She’s got more money, is prettier, and knows everyone and has everything and you just want to kill her. I think we’ve all had one of those kinds of people in our lives at some point in time.


Now Rita, played by Wendi McLendon-Covey (best known for her work in Reno 911) is the mom in the group. The mom with three boys who has had it with motherhood. Her delivery of the disgustingness of little boys is incredibly vivid and leaves nothing to the imagination. She takes starry-eyed newlywed Becca (Ellie Kemper) under her wing and gets real with her on the plane to Vegas, ordering her a double Seven and Seven, dismissing her concern with a “You’ll like it, it’s sweet!” comment. 


I love her because she’s foul-mouthed and cares not.

So that’s all I’m going to give away because I don’t want to ruin it. If you hate the movies Dumb and Dumber, or The Hangover or Old School or similarly ridiculous movies that include poop and vomit and sex (sometimes all at the same time) – you need to skip this one. If Talladega Nights and Zoolander make you laugh, hit up the theater pronto. Make sure you get yourself some Twizzlers and a half Cherry/half Coke slushy too – they are my movie go-to refreshments.

Have you seen it? Did you love it too?Check out the trailer if you haven't seen it. It still cracks me up.

Bridesmaids Trailer