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Blurry, Swoony and Metallic-y

 Sponsored Post: Atelier Bridal Art + Style

I sure hope y’all have enjoyed this week of cool vendor features. It’s really amazing how many hipster, indie and SMALL vendors are out there doing really incredible work. If you take the time, you can find them! Or, you know, just keep reading this blog and I’ll bring them to you. K? Deal?

So check out these last uber-cool vendors and then head on over to the Atelier Bridal Art + Style show on SUNDAY!


Swoon is the brain child of Jade O'Connor, interior designer, and Ashley Stalvey, event planner: two entrepreneurs in search of the perfect party to plan! They bring good taste, great style, a fresh perspective, the know-how to get it done, and a willingness to work with any budget. They believe no two events should be the same, they avoid convention, and love taking it one step beyond the 'usual'. 

They are a bespoke event planning company that focuses on individualized parties and celebrations in inspired settings for clients who think outside of the box. Swoon has developed Pop-Up Parties, concentrated party vignettes to celebrate the most everyday of occasions or the most meaningful. They also feature their Party in a Box - call them up and tell them about your party theme and colors, and they’ll put together a box with paper goods, decorations, and a little something extra just for fun. From a picnic for two to a wedding for two hundred, they’ll make every special occasion {swoon}worthy!

What they believe in:

We believe in the power of a well-planned party.
We believe there is no such thing as too many flowers.
We believe in candlelight, even in the morning.
We believe in budgets.
We believe in custom labels for just about everything. 
We believe in pasture parties, barn weddings, circus tents, tree house honeymoons, and Paris.
We believe in true love.
We believe in southern charm with European flair.
We believe in fairytales.
We believe in taking it one step further.
We believe in good bartenders. 
We believe you are a celebrity.
We believe in modern, rustic, eclectic, industrial, glamorous chic.
We believe in saying please and thank you.
We believe everyone deserves a birthday party every year.
We believe you catch flies with both vinegar and honey, so you should always clean up after yourself.
We believe there is a reason to celebrate every day.
We believe colors can’t clash.
We believe it doesn’t have to be expensive to be great.
We believe in dreaming big. And then making it happen.
We believe party favors can make or break a party.
We believe in hard work.
We believe in going on holiday as often as you can.
We believe in ourselves. And in you. 

Out of Focus


As a lifestyle photographer Courtney Rosen of Out of Focus Photography prefers to throw most of the traditional photography rules out the window. “I don’t work in a Sears portrait studio, so don’t expect traditional poses, or a “say cheese” attitude.” What you can expect are a lot of different angles, perspectives and even some artsy out of focus shots. That is the beauty and uniqueness of Courtney’s photography style. She chooses to embrace the different instead of shy away from it. She’s all about helping you and yours express what you’re really about and having a crazy fun time doing it!

Courtney considers herself very emotionally invested in her work. Her photography is what she chooses to do with her time away from her family. She approaches every new client meeting as a chance to form new friendships. Being photographed should be a fun and rewarding experience, not something scary or negative! Brides don’t be afraid of the camera!


Ashley Buchanan

Ashley Buchanan is a young jewelry maker who received her BFA in Jewelry and Metalsmithing from the University of Georgia. She has also studied in Cortona, Italy, and at The Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina. Her work often refers to iconic imagery in contemporary culture with a modern take on traditional jewelry making techniques.  

Each piece is hand-cut from metal and either powder coated or left to its natural metal finish. She has participated in various exhibitions in Georgia, Delaware, Ohio, Texas, Italy and Amsterdam. Her work can be found in galleries and boutiques in Atlanta, Athens, Baltimore, and Rehoboth Beach, and will soon be available in Greenville, SC.

Make sure you check out her Etsy shop here as well as new items she’s showcasing on her blog.

So that's all she wrote, folks! I've featured nine different vendors who will all be a part of the Atelier Bridal Art + Style show THIS SUNDAY! So tell me, out of all the vendors I listed over the last week. Tell me, who is YOUR fave?


Pottery, Pretty Pictures and BACON!

Sponsored Post: Atelier Bridal Art +Style

I’ve got some more awesome vendors to feature for the Atelier Bridal Art + Style show being held in Athens, Georgia, on January 16, 2011! And even if you’re not going to the show, check these guys out anyway. They are super cool.

Zoom Works Photography

Having been behind the lens for so many years, ZoomWorks photographers tend to approach weddings as mini movies composed of a string of 'pearl' moments..... from styling to emotion to editorial composition.  It is their pleasure to spend a day with clients, reaching for those unique little moments that will bring the day to life again in a breath.....they are often the clients most favorite 'guest'! 

True art doesn't just happen. It takes years of experience and a dedication to the craft. Marisu Wehrenberg and Shannah Cahoe Mongomery founded ZoomWorks 10 years ago and brought their diverse and extensive backgrounds in fashion, design, fine art and moviemaking to create a place where life as art is celebrated daily.

At ZoomWorks they are artists who have chosen photography as their medium. No matter what the subject is, they approach it creatively. This creative style feeds a passion and results in images that go beyond the expected to truly become works of art.

While favorite subjects vary, all of their photographers are passionate about the human spirit. They find photography a uniquely suited art form for capturing the triumphs and joys of life and preserving a moment forever. Whether it’s the sparkle in a groom’s eye, a child’s toothless grin or the wisdom in a grandmother’s face, they see the inherent beauty in them all.  Photography can also transform the everyday into the magnificent. They use their cameras as a tool to present your best possible self–from fashion to family portraits–with their signature flair.

The folks at ZoomWorks consider it a great privilege to share special moments of your life with you and take great pride in their philosophy of becoming your photographers for life.

Visit the Zoom Works website and their blog! They are Charter members of Athens Wedding Professionals, Members of  Professional Photographers of America, Voted Best of Weddings from The Knot  2009, 2008, 2007 and are currently featured in Brides Atlanta magazine and Southern Soiree Magazine.

High class, y’all! 

R.Wood Studio

In an old produce warehouse in Athens, Georgia, Rebecca Wood and her 12 artists are busy creating beauty. Rebecca Wood and her crew of artists transform local Georgia red clay into the simply shaped ceramic dinnerware in luscious colors that R.Wood Studio is famous for.


R.Wood Studio pottery is one of the very few studio potteries in America, where each piece is made by hand. Most ceramics are made by pouring liquid clay into a mold over and over again. Their ceramics are not made in a mold, but are molded by the artists' imagination. Each piece is fashioned by an artist's hands, and likewise painted with an artist's eye.

Their line of color-saturated dinnerware is inspired by the southern seasons. Each piece is made-to-order, by the hands of at least 3 artists and is food and oven-safe. Pieces are available in a rich range of colors and functional shapes for any home. Check out their pieces for Everyday, Serving, & Specialty.

What’s great about R. Wood is that you can REGISTER right on their website for the pieces you’d like. They also have a very cool INSPIRATION section – check out the bed sheet to wedding dress pictures! 


Bacon? They make neckwear -- neckties, bowties, necklaces and scarves -- for men, women, boys and girls. Versatility is their friend, and they make wearable art for those who like Everyday Dressing Up.  Their custom wedding ties make the perfect groom and groomsmen gifts! The guys deserve something pretty, too.

WHO THEY ARE: Jenni and Cinelle met at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City in 2006. Both found their way to fashion school through their common love for wearable art.
BACON began as a gift project for Cinelle’s boyfriend. After an unfortunate and unsuccessful hunt for the perfect tie that embodied Stephen’s preppy yet trendy style, Jenni and Cinelle decided that there is no better gift than a handmade present! Half a year later, the girls took an adventurous plunge to the dirty South (Athens, GA) and decided to merge their New York style-cum-sass with their new-found pleasure for things classically Southern, and started an accessory line.

WHAT THEY MAKE: What sets BACON neckwear apart from other ties is exactly what sets each tie-wearer from the rest -- to each tie its own attitude, personality and function. Our products are always handmade, never compromising the uniqueness and bespoke quality of each one.

BACON also has special edition ties that are specifically designed with eco-consciousness in mind. They recycle fabrics from used and vintage clothing to stay en vogue while helping restore things back to Eden.

Everything from bicyclists, the American Gangster, Scottish clan tartans and nocturnal creatures to quality fabrics, romance, their own stories and histories, frat boys, friends and celebrities.

BACON has been featured in DailyCandy, The Handmade Gift Guide, Little Red Book.

 Remember that the show is on Sunday, January 16, 2011!


Pictures, Paper & Cake

Sponsored Post: Atelier Bridal Show + Art

Remember that I promised to show you hip, cool, new groovy features for the Athens, Georgia, Atelier Bridal Art + Style Show?

Well, I don’t break promises, so here you go!

Oh, Snap! Photography

Oh, Snap! Photography was founded in Athens, Georgia, by photographer Whitney Misch. As a graduate from the University of Georgia Photography Program she strives to bring a truly creative twist to every photo she takes.

Her style tends to be very documentary and creative. She would much rather stand back and go with what is happening than to create something unnatural.

 Diane Arbus once said it best: "I work from awkwardness. By that I mean I don't like to arrange things. If I stand in front of something, instead of arranging it, I arrange myself." 

Whitney loves coffee, sewing, dance parties, Athens, Skittles, old noisy cameras, Italy, rainy days, Catcher in the Rye, and she still gets really excited to shoot a wedding!   

"Here is my secret. It is very simple: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." - The Little Prince

You can also check out her blog

Brown Parcel Press

You so know Brown Parcel Press. Yes, yes you do. You’ve seen them on Design Sponge; you’ve also seen them over on The Brooklyn Bride as well as in The Knot Magazine both in the Spring and Summer of 2010.

It started with the conviction that success comes from hard work, a clear vision, and inky hands.  Megan Boling was lead ultimately by the belief that creating and sharing something beautiful and handmade is a worthwhile endeavor.

The small letterpress and design studio is located on a farm in Sparta, Georgia, having recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY, to focus on what’s important; drawing, printing and eating good food grown right. In her words:

I live here with my fiancée Brad, and more mules, mini-donkeys, goats, pigs, chickens and farm dogs than you can shake a stick at. Every day here is something different, a lot of highs and a lot of lows, a lot of work and a lot of fun. My work is a culmination of my experiences and observations, and I put a lot of love in what I do. If it’s not something I’m 100% proud of, it’s not worth putting out there. I feel immensely grateful I can spend my time at the helm of the press, ink smudges on my face and all.

3-D Save the Dates? Sweet.

Letter pressing is a process that is deeply satisfying. Although it can be tough to remember to cross all of the t’s and dot all of the i’s, the whir of the press and the feel of the paper make printing a whole lot of fun.

You can check out the Brown Parcel Press Etsy shop here as well as stop by their blog.


Created in September 2010 by two Romance Language instructors at The University of Georgia, Bite-Sized is a unique catering service specializing in mini individual desserts of a wide variety... "mini sweets and cupcake treats".

Katie and Elena met for sweets after administering their French and Spanish Language final exams and found themselves staring longingly into the fluorescent lit cake refrigerator trying to chose between a bounty of craftily made cakes … Mocha Chocolate, Kahlua Chocolate, Hummingbird, Carrot, Spanish Lemon, Red Velvet, Raspberry Cream, etc.  After much time, reasoning, and recommendations they finally decided to get two different ones (Kahlua and Hummingbird....both excellent choices) and split them because the decision making process was just too difficult.  While sitting at the bar relishing over confections and wine, Katie and Elena, both avid bakers, realized that no one should have to go through what they went through...choosing between cakes.  Face it, only being able to settle on one is palate insensitive, not to mention a little outdated!

 It's important to note that all their frostings are cream cheese based. Uh, yes please! Check out Bite-Sized!



Atelier Bridal Art +Style

Hey you!

Yes, you.

There’s a cool new bridal show coming your way on January 16, 2011! Guess where? Athens, Georgia – that’s where!  You know Athens, Georgia right? It’s the home of the B52’s, REM, The Georgia Bulldogs, Herschel Walker (for all you lady football fans) and an old, favorite personal haunt, the 40 Watt Club (Jane’s Addiction in 1989? The. Best. Show. Ever.). Athens has been known as a portal to all things indie and hip and cool so it’s no surprise that its got a groovy new bridal show coming up. You should go! For real. It's called the Atelier Bridal Art + Style Show.

Over the course of next week, I’ll be featuring a handful of selected artists who will be in attendance at the show. So, if for some lame reason you can’t make it (um, like maybe you don’t live nearby, which is the ONLY excuse I’ll accept), you can certainly check out their links and goodies for sale. I’m telling you, there’s going to be some pretty cool stuff, so make sure you visit all next week!

Until then, here’s the low down on the Athens, Georgia, Atelier Bridal Art + Style Show!


French. ah-tel-ya
1. An artist's or designer's studio or workroom
2. Workshop

ATELIER is the first ever art- and style-focused bridal trade show in the Southeast.  They have partnered with individuals and independent businesses that are able to bring the elements of design and the timelessness of elegance and originality into a bride and groom's special day. The aim is to cater to different types of couples: the bride and groom who want to go all-out with the indie, artsy theme, as well as the more traditional couple who just wants to add a tad bit of flair, personality or unconventionality to their wedding.

At Atelier, they believe that a wedding is the coming together of two individuals -- not two androids, robots or soulless caricatures -- and therefore must encompass a couple's personality, history and story. A wedding is just another form of story-telling, and there are no other elements that can better express this than handmade, local, sustainable, charitable, personalized, custom or independently-designed goods and services. A wedding rooted in love is a feast made of and from love; a feast that very simply awakes or evokes sound, touch, taste, smell and sight.

They are partnering with Hotel Indigo, Athens' LEED-certified lifestyle, boutique hotel. Like Indigo, Atelier vendors believe that events should not only make a statement, but make a positive impact on the environment and the community.

The runway show, online features and print presence will be produced by blvd. Magazine, Athens' fashion and lifestyle authority.

Their first bridal show, or as they like to call it, first soiree, will be held at Hotel Indigo on January 16, 2011, Sunday.


SATC2, ABG, T30SB, BNBB - An Acronym Conglomeration*


It's COMING!!!!!!

SO excited. Not just for the movie, but for the Girl's Night Out Party, sponsored by Ashely's Bride Guide.

Here are the party details:

ABG has managed to design the ultimate bridal showcase + girl party.  It will be fun for all but it is designed to introduce you to great wedding/event pros in a fun, non-bridal show atmosphere that your bridesmaids will LOVE too:).

Swag - All attendees will receive great goodies to take home!  Our party sponsor, StudioWed, is offering VIP bride swag just for you but you must register before the tickets are gone. 

Food - We have two incredible catering companies (Down South Delights and A Catered Affair) and we're challenging them to a Nashville vs NYC food throw down!  Come out and taste the best of both cities - think BBQ vs bagels:).  If you are a bride, this will be a great way to sample and get great ideas for your wedding reception. 

Shopping - Once we announced the party, shopping vendors started pouring in! Jewelry, clothes, shoes, stationery, gifts, purses - we'll have a something for everyone.  Great thing - all of the businesses are locally owned and operated, all by females.  Girl power!

Pampering - Service providers will range from massages and mini-manicures to eyebrow/lash, hair and makeup art!  Services will be "sample size aka $1 per minute) or complimentary!  You can indulge, sample, find your favorites for your wedding day...or you can make any day special:).

Entertainment & giveaways - The DJ will be spinning; the photo booth will be snapping fun pictures and we'll offer awesome prizes, gift cards to the most fabulous, women!

Now here's the skinny. The party is SOLD OUT! However, there is a wait list as there could be a few extra tickets added at the last minute.

And note - I will definitely be there. And The Thirty-Something Bride will have some killer swag in the guest bags. You do not want to miss it! It will coincide with an announcement later on this spring/summer.

Are you a bride intimated by the big bridal shows? This is a great opportunity to relax, bring your girls out and meet the local folks. I promise, they don't bite.

AND, Ashley has tied this whole party right into the Best Nashville Bridal Blog contest. The winning blogger gets to go to the party (even if nominated - SWEET!), gets free tickets to share with her readers (um, that would be you!) and of course, the 2010 title of Best Nashville Bridal Blogger! So you wanna go? Either put yourself on the wait list. Or even easier, go vote for me here. If you want to go to the party, leave me a comment and I will share tickets if I win!

*SATC2 = Sex and the City 2

ABG = Ashley's Bride Guide

T30SB = The Thirty-Something Bride (also my Twitter name)

BNBB = Best Nashville Bridal Blog