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{Wedding Color Palettes} Start with the Venue…ALWAYS!

There are color palettes that rape the eyes. Yes, rape. I’ll see some event and blink hard trying to get the offensive sight out of my eyes. Sometimes blinking works, other times, the image is seared in my mind’s eye, begging for another image to take it’s place. Then I run to Pinterest and help that process along…. Then I get a little mad. I get mad because I start thinking to myself, “Who did this? Who let the bride do this?” and then I calm down a little bit and realize that some people are color-blind or  just not all that great at color stories. 

Some of the eye-raping offenders? See below:







OK, first and foremost? I HATE chair sashes. Personal preference. If you’re going to have chair sashes, that’s fantastic. I personally don’t want to sit on something that looks like a gift wrapped ghost. Honestly, they freak me out a little. Like, WTF is under that thing? And nine times out of ten the sashes are satin and shiny and that just makes me gag a little. And I don’t really like bows either, so there’s that.

But getting over the chair sash thing, let’s talk about colors. There’s one common denominator in the photos above: too few colors. That’s right, not enough accent colors to create warmth, only eye-raping contrast.

Now I know that everyone isn’t a designer or stylist or event planner or whatever, but that doesn’t mean you can’t figure this shit out.

First of all, there are a BAJILLION links out there to figure out your color palette. Let’s just get those out there right now. These are my top color sites.

The Perfect Palette

Colour Lovers

Color Collective

Color Hunter

What you’ll want to note with these sites as well as when you’re deciding on your colors is that there are generally FIVE colors. That’s right FIVE. Pick too few colors and you could end up with a two-tone mess as shown above.

Now, if you’re the kind of bride who has been DREAMING of the pink wedding with pink accents ALL YOUR LIFE, remember a few things: first, you are an adult. Time to reconsider and seriously think about what you’ve been dreaming about. Fairytale or reality? Check yourself.

The next thing you should think about? Your venue. Yup. Not what your bridesmaids look good in, not the pink you’ve been dreaming of, the VENUE. Where the hell are you having this shindig? You don’t want to fight with your venues colors. If you do, you’re going to pay more to cover things up (i.e. chairs) and you’ll end up wondering why everything looks a mess.

One of the things that The Candyman and I instantly fell in love with regarding our venue (other than their famous She-Crab Soup) was the warmth of the place: earth tones, dark wood, subtle décor. Here are a few pictures of parts of the venue and the table setting. When I walked into the main room, I actually gasped because the candle light and warm tones were just so pretty. I chose my colors with intention – to create an atmosphere.

05_RC_LouiseShaneWed-00002-2_resize 08_DT_LouiseShaneWed-00073_resize


People were screaming at The Candyman to smoosh the cake. And his facial expressions led them all to think he would. And I would have killed him if he had!  But just note the walls and gilded frames, dark wood chair backs.

All photos by Nashville Wedding Photographer Jonathon Campbell Photography.

Then I found this.

mb1 mb2

mb3 mb4

SAME EXACT VENUE. Who? Who in their right minds would desecrate such a lovely setting with KELLY GREEN and then add in the horrid mod white sofa to a venue that is so clearly classic? Wanna know who? Someone who isn’t embracing the venue.  This? This is a perfect example of fighting your venue. Just don’t do it.

So how do you create an atmosphere if you’re wedding is at the VFW? Do you throw your hands up in dismay because the chairs are gold and burgundy and the rug is a giant sea of cabbage roses? Speaking of gold and burgundy, the picture that’s fifth from the top above was *this close* to getting it right. The problem? The white table linens. Too stark against the warmer colors of gold and burgundy. Had they done an ivory overlay, or even a matte gold, it would have been less eye-rape-y.

Here’s a great example of working with your venue:


OK, on their own those chairs are bad, right? Banquet style, two tone monstrosities. GAH! But it looks so lovely with the color theme chosen to coordinate with them. Purple, lavender, silver, white, green = FIVE COLORS. See?


Loveliness created by Kristin Kaplan/Simply Stunning Events, Photography by Chris & Adrienne Scott, Flowers by Brocade Design Arts.

So before you start deciding on table linens and flowers and all that, go back to your venue and look at what you’ll be working with. Go with your planner or your florist or your MOH. Take physical color swatches with you to get an idea of how the colors will react to the venue’s lighting and overall feel.

But for the love of God, don’t force a round peg into a square hole. Embrace your venue, whether it’s The Ritz or your local community center.

How are YOU choosing your colors? Have you considered the venue? How are you going about the wedding color process? Do tell.

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The Wedding Crest

That thing that I thought was a hang-over yesterday? Not so much. I went from feeling a little oogy in the early morning to feeling like total crap by 9am. Let’s just say that I think something from the July 4th BBQ did NOT agree with me. At. All. I spent the better part of the day on the couch recuperating and hydrating. It was actually kind of nice in a way because it gave me some non-computer time to catch up on the magazines accumulating on my night stand and to pay bills and pretend to balance my checkbook.

I was thumbing through the May issue of Brides and came across a one-page planning article regarding family crests, or more specifically, The Wedding Crest. The magazine described it as a “modern day coat of arms – or a wedding emblem.” The example in the magazine was nice. It was $750 for the design and $678 for 100 thank-you cards so it wasn’t THAT nice. What I thought was super cool was the idea of it.

My maiden family name goes way back in time. I have a copy of our genealogy and to tell you the truth, it’s effing exhausting. I just get completely confused by all the Earls and Dukes and Sussex this and Farthinghamshires that. We’re old. We’re English and we’re a bit royal. But royal is totally misleading because seriously, up until a few weeks ago, our girl Kate was a simple girl from the English countryside. Now she’s destined to be Queen. Keep that in mind.

Now, on my mother’s side of the family, we’re Scots. We know our family tartan, which is kind of cool. My mom and her sisters recently found out that we’re directly related to John C. Calhoun, who was vice-president under John Quincy Adams. This recent finding also places me as one of the decedents of the First Families of Charleston, South Carolina, on both sides of my family. Supposedly, this factoid is important to somebody somewhere. I have yet to reap any benefits from this, so if you know of any stakes or claims that I have there, please let me know.

So back to crests. My maiden family name coat of arms is pretty cool. It’s got four lions and is somewhat regal in nature. My brother has the lions tattooed on his back, that’s how much he likes it. Now, my married family name? I’m not sure of that crest. According to my husband, his family is simply a bunch of European vagabonds. I did a little research though and the family name first shows up in 1269 from Northumberland, wherever the hell that is! The crest is questionable. This does not surprise me in the least!

I went online to check out more of this wedding crest deal. The artist in the magazine is crazy-good invitation guru, Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York. Check out how she did these invites that include a crest:




Of course this is crazy amazing, holy gorgeousness, right? But I don’t think you have to pay a gazillion dollars to have a coat of arms done up right!

There are plenty of on-line sites that offer up a myriad of gift-items to adorn with a crest. They’ve got everything from hand-painted parchment to engraved flasks (Groom gift! Groomsmen gifts! Father of the groom gift!). You can even combine two family crests together. Here some examples of that:




I thought these were pretty stiff looking. Fancy and regal and all that and as a stand alone, I like. But would anyone seriously incorporate these kinds of colors into a wedding scheme? Let’s see an inspiration board for that! What I did find was some cool folks on Etsy who might be able to whip up something pretty hip. Check this guy out:


Etsy shop Inkandar will tailor make your own coat of arms based on a series of questions he asks about who you are, your likes and hobbies and such. This is only $100!  This, I thought was super-fly.

And all those Etsy designers who do wedding monograms? Check out some of their work as you might be able to request a custom piece based on your families history! Search under Handmade and Family Crests and you’ll find all sorts of goodies!

So based on The Candyman’s um, questionable heritage, I think a new design might be in order! What about you? Are you into the family name thing (whether taking his or keeping your own)? Do tell.


Unicorns and Rainbows, Bitches.


So I think we all know what kind of day The Thirty-Something Bride had yesterday.  It was the suck, for sure. Bad news in the a.m. left me crying for most of the morning, which left me headachy and tired mid-day, which was all compounded by me trying to catch up on my work that got pushed back because I was crying all morning and was unproductive as all hell. And it's really hard to stay late and get work done for a company that's basically given you a 3-month long pink slip. I'd say the motivation there is well....challenging. Thirty-eight more days.....not like I'm counting or anything.

I think the absolute worst part of it all was that The Candyman was upset too. I think this might have been the first time where we were both really upset about the same thing that had nothing to do with either of us. You follow? It wasn't a relationship fight. It wasn't a "stop doing this, or I might kill you" argument. I wasn't being a bitch. He wasn't being a dude. Our feelings were hurt. And we couldn't physically be there for one another. For the first time. That totally sucked.

I've come to believe in The Power of the Hug. The Candyman gives excellent Hug and always has. He's not one of those people who gives False Hug - like when you hug someone and it's just the top part of your shoulders that touch but the bottom three-quarters of your body is like, twelve feet away from the other person. Oh no. If you hug The Candyman, you're in for it. I think part of it is because he's so tall. To stoop down to give False Hug is actually hard to do. I love hugging him. I love our Step Hugs. I stand one stair up and we hug at eye level. It's the freakin' bomb-diggity. I love watching him hug too. My mom, who is not a very physically affection woman, gets it good from The Candyman. It makes me smile when they hug and he calls her "Momma." I also love watching him hug his dad and brothers. They don't mess around with the macho manly shit when they hug (that comes later in the form of a battle of wits and the occasional wrestling match). They are all up on each other giving big, ol' manly bear hugs. I get Good Hug from them too.

I learned The Power of the Hug a long time ago. I was living in LA, working in retail management (oops, I think I just threw up a little remembering that time). I was a manager in a huge store and working hideous hours for bullshit pay. I finally got out and became an assistant buyer at Fredericks of Hollywood (oh yes I was!). That Christmas I was able to fly home for the holidays, for the first time in several years. At the time, I was single and had been for a good long stretch. I was working all the time and spending a lot of time alone. I remember coming down the stairs to baggage claim to meet my parents and my dad came up and gave me a huge bear hug. I actually remember flinching at first because I hadn't been really hugged in a loooong time. And then I just melted into the hug and thought, "Oh, I need this."

 And right now, I need it.  And I know The Candyman does too. That part is hard; knowing that I can't be there to take care of him emotionally in his time of need. I think that's the part that was so distressing yesterday. I mean, fuck it's a house. Who cares, right? But it's not about the house. It's about the fact that The Candyman and I want to be together. We want to start our new lives together in Charlotte. We want to take an immediate step in that direction and knowing where we will live is a huge part of that. At this point, I don't care if it's a great house with a red door. I just want to know that The Candyman can go hone at night and that I'll be able to join him soon. Thirty-eight days, to be precise.

So in an effort to be jolly, I was cruising the internet (mostly in jest) for images of Unicorns and Rainbows. I was not a unicorn girl in my youth, but I did have a giant rainbow bedspread. You know the kind where the pillow cases make up the top arch of the rainbow? Oh, yes I did. You know you're jealous. As all things come 'round to weddings, I Googled "Rainbow Weddings." Oh good Lord. It was like the internet was raping my eyes. I have come to find that there is a big difference in a Rainbow Wedding and a Rainbow of Color Wedding. Below are fun (and pretty) examples of the latter. Enjoy.




 I am loving this website, by the way. The Whisk Kid. Check it out.


 Tasty and pretty.



 I wonder what the favors are in those teeny weeny boxes?

Via The Ritzy Roseon Etsy. Fun vintage-y stuff.



Via The Martha, natch.

 Via Bake It Pretty.  Tabitha - a must see! Lots of great stuff if you're going to DIY your cupcakes!




 Was it just me, or was rock candy like your very first science class experiment?


I imagine late-night hilarity with all that helium. "Follow the Yellow Brick Road!" 


Brilliant. Keep your maids warm.

I think I feel better now.


Brides of Color

Dawn, this one is for you!

A fellow blogger, The Happy Nappy Bride has done some interesting research as a bride. She purchases bridal magazines and then counts the number of women of color amongst the pages. The percentage of brides of color compared to white (non-Hispanic) is ASTOUNDING. More so than I ever imaged, or really, ever thought twice about. If you had asked me if there were ethnic brides in the pages of bridal magazines, I'd be all, "Well, duh. Of course Modern Bride has women of color all over their pages. They wouldn't be so modern now if they didn't, would they? Yeah. I'd be wrong. It really is a sad, sad thing that we don't have more images of brides and grooms in multiple ethnicities, skin colors and cultures to draw from. Being the lucky girl I am, I have been afforded the opportunity to travel far and wide and observe different cultures and inquire to their wedding traditions. I seriously considered getting the soles of my feet henna'd as Indian brides do, only as a nod to my own world travels. Sadly, truly talented henna artists are few and far between here in Nashville, so opted out of that tradition. But Happy Nappy has a point, we need more, people!

Last night as I approached a new post, I wasn't sure what I wanted to write about. I checked my Twitter account and had a little message from a local florist I met on Sunday night, Rhonda Patton. I was checking out her website and blog and I found some amazing pictures of brides in all colors and shapes and sizes! It got me thinking about The Happy Nappy Bride and her search for more women of color in the WIC. So I did some searching too. First, I want to say that I am appalled. Appalled. Google "Ethnic Brides." Google "Latina Brides." Google Asian Brides." You know what comes up first? Mail-order brides. I wanted to vomit. What the fuck does that say about us as a fucking country and culture? I REALLY had to dig to find positive images of brides of color. Seriously. I stayed up WAY past my bedtime trying to find images across the interwebs. And again, I think that is really fucking sad.

However, I did find some things. What I found made me super-duper happy. I hope you like them as much as I do. And I'd like to say to anyone who might, on the off-chance be part of the WIC and is reading this: Brides need inspiration. People are not made from a cookie-cutter image. Please stop showing all brides as 25, thin, blonde and with an $80,000 wedding budget. Yes, we want to see glamour. Glamour is fun. But glamour can also make you feel like shit when you know that you'll be shopping at David's Bridal and not Kleinfeld's. All I'm asking for is a little variety and a little reality.

*Stepping off soap box and shutting up so you can look at the pretty, pretty pictures of real-life brides.*

Image from Dove Wedding Photography, here in Nashville.

Images from Krista Lee Photography here in Nashville.


Image from L'Amour Photography


 Image by Matt Adcock.



 Images from Culture + Style Wedding Photography + Video.


Images from Sky + Carla Photographers.



Super-fab Amy Jean (The Relentless Bride)! This and images above from Hazelnut Photography.



*I think this might be one of my favorite posts.





Napkin Origami

I've been thinking about how I want my tables to look at our reception. A lot. I am hoping to find awesome chargers on the cheap whilst in India. I know I'll have zippo time to shop because I'm booked with back to back appointments. However, there's an awesome handicrafts market called Dilli Haat (pronounced deelee hawt) that's open in the evenings that I'd like to try to get to. Considering the rupee is at the highest it's been in years, I can load up on some really great stuff on the uber-cheap. Last time I went to Dilli Haat I got rayon pashminas for US$1 each. Nice. You can get the real-deal pashminas for about US$30. REALLY nice.

Anyway, I'm envisioning my tables with chocolate brown metal chargers with a slightly patina color on the brown. I have an Indian vendor who might be able to hook me up with some gorgeous chargers. He sent me tons of photos for them. I think I've narrowed it down to this one:

It would have a different finish of course, but this is just the raw body and pattern I would go with. What do you think?

On top of the charger, I'd place the ivory napkins. The tablecloth is in sandalwood. Here's a pic of the table linens I chose.

I want to tuck my printed menu into the napkin and my venue is cool with folding them, but I wasn't sure how. I Googled "How to Fold Napkins" and found a couple of sites. I found this step-by-step demo that I think is particularly helpful:

I'm going with "The Pocket." I can then put my brown favor box right on top of the fold part with the menu peeking out from under the fold. What do you think?