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A Redneck’s Mecca

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I had an idea of what I was getting into with The Candyman from the start. For those of you who don’t know how we met, I totally picked him up online. In his Match.com profile, he alluded to his Redneck-ness:

I like intelligent, strong-willed women, good conversationalists and someone who  can deal with the whole hillbilly savant thing I've got going on.

I mean, forewarned is forearmed, right? If I didn’t catch it in his profile, I knew it when I met his family for the first time. Definitely on the redneck side, The Candyman falling into a manner and speech I’d only seen when he yelled at The Panthers game on TV.

The man is also a voracious NASCAR fan. This house roots for Ryan Newman. Whoever that is. I know he drives the Army car. I can tell that he is not driving so well these days based on The Candyman’s frustration level with Newman and the one-on-one driving technique discussions he has in the general direction of the television.

About two weeks ago, The Candyman said he wanted to go to The Coca-Cola 600 All-Star Race. The Charlotte Motor Speedway is, apparently, only 15 minutes or so from our house. I thought it might be a fun outing, but then I learned it would be me and 5 guys. Yeah, not something I wanted to do….but The Candyman’s birthday is coming up and he wanted me to go, so I relented. Saturday was the race.

Fascinating. Totally and utterly fascinating. Seriously. Never ever ever have I ever seen so many white, middle class Americans congregated in one spot. Never ever ever have I seen so much bad fashion at one event. Never ever ever have I seen so many overweight people in one location. Never ever ever have I overheard the most inane conversations. Never ever ever have I witnessed cars going SO FREAKING FAST!

We started out our day with The Boys coming over to grill out at our house. They brought meat. Lots of it. I made pasta salad and brownies and cobbler and 7-layer Mexican dip. We put out tons of chips and dip and our refrigerator has never held quite so much beer. After gorging ourselves at our backyard tailgate, we headed out to the speedway. Did you know that people take this NASCAR thing WAY seriously? The Coca-Cola 600 race isn’t until NEXT weekend yet there have been people camped out around the track since last week! WTF? It’s mind-blowing, really.

The track is HUGE. I didn’t think the stands would actually fill all the way up, but they did. We were in very tight, close quarters with lots of strangers. With lots of very large strangers. Seriously, a NASCAR event is a great way to get some self-esteem back. I felt like a pretty pretty princess in comparison. Bitchy? Maybe, but I mean damn people. Just because a certain fashion exists in the world does NOT mean you should wear it. Holy crap. It was a Redneck Mecca.

Here are some things I noticed:

  • The three Mexican men who were a part of our group were the ONLY people of Latino descent that we saw, except for driver Juan Montoya.(And we hate Juan. He wrecked Newman last weekend.)
  • We saw three Asian people.
  • We saw a handful of Africa-American people.
  • The stadium actually fell to near silence for the pre-race prayer. “God Bless America” got these folks pumped.
  • Tattoos, tattoos and more tattoos.

Here are some things I learned:

  • There are grown-ass men out in the world who wear cut-off overalls with Timberlands.
  • There are men who do not wear shirts, who really should.
  • Super-mini denim skirts and cowboy boots is a common NASCAR theme, apparently.
  • Everyone loves Dale Jr.
  • Double-fisting extra-tall cans of Bud Light is the swiftest way to delirium.

I brought my camera with me to capture this event, since it was a first for me. Our seats were good ones, located close to the track and in the first corner. There were a couple of wrecks, all right in that turn and those are pretty cool to see. We were right near the stairs coming up into the stands and the constant stream of people made for excellent people watching. I just started snapping away and I thought I’d share some of those pics:


First and foremost, The Candyman. Every time I looked over at him, he had this smile on his face. He was like a little kid at Christmas. Or a puppy.I expected him to just start wiggling with excitement.


One of the three Latinos in attendance. José would not make it through the race 100% conscious. Too many Tecates.


Bubba #1


Bubba #2


Bubba #3 proves the validity of sunscreen.

Bubba #4 (one of the many  grown-ass men wearing overalls as as a means of fashion)

Bubbette #1. Jennifer Beals called and she wants her sweatshirt back.


Bubba #5

Nailed! Bubba #6 and his woman, Bubbette #2. Bubba did NOT like the fact that I was taking pictures.


Do not eff with NASCAR’s finest. .

Now, as we were entering the speedway, there were Energizer Battery people handing out Hannah Montana  flashlights (I guess for all those little girl NASCAR fans!) and these little headlamp thingies. Once it got dark, they announced that we were going to try to break the World’s Record for the most number of flashlights turned on simultaneously. Eh? Whatever. It was an excuse for drunk people to put things on their heads.



Here are the last few pictures I thought were fun:


Double-fisting it with a Bud Light and French fries. Nice. Oh, and the inside of her earring says, “Princess.” Just for the record.

This is the biggest neck I think I’ve ever seen. I had two thoughts every time I looked down at this guy. The first is, does he actively have to clean that crease in his neck? And the second is, how in the hell does that guy text with fingers that size? nascar17

These guys liked to sing. And conduct. The song? Sung to the tune of Auld Lang Syne, it went like this: More beer, more beer, more beer, more beer! More beer, more beer, more beer! More beer, more beer, more beer, more beer. Moooore beeer, more beer, more beer!  A classic.

And just in case you think I am too hoighty-toighty to hang with the good ol’ boys, I am not. Just look at what I was drinking, straight from the carton:

I. Am. Klassy.

In all honesty though, the race itself was pretty cool. The first race was shorter and was more serious. The top two winners who had not qualified for the 600 in previous races would get into next week’s big race. Seeing the second-lap wreck LIVE verses on TV is crazy cool. And that shit is LOUD! Most people bring ear plugs. Serious fans have head gear. The second race was the All-Star race to win a million dollars. That race was longer, not as intense and a little boring, though when a pack of cars going between 175 and 200 mph flies by, you can’t help but pay attention.

When all was said and done, I think we’d all had enough of NASCAR and its fans. The walk from the speedway back to the car was an event itself, a mass of swerving drunk people. I saw what I thought was WAY too many under-aged drunk girls, I stepped over multiple lost cell-phones and we were followed (somehow) by the “More beer, more beer, more beer!” NASCAR Family Singers. We didn’t get to bed until almost 2 am. I can’t remember the last time I did that intentionally.

Sunday morning I told The Candyman that I think I’d had enough of NASCAR for a while. He said it was a lot easier and a lot less crowded in our living room. Amazingly, we agreed!

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Club 33


Ever heard of it? Me either.

That is, until I was invited to be a part of The Really Cool Thing.

If you Google "Club 33" you'll get a lot of information as to what it is, where it is and how it got the name Club 33.

Located within Disneyland, discreetly above the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square is perhaps one of Orange County's finest five star restaurants. With a limited membership of only 487, Club 33 is not open to the public. Members may however arrange for their friends and associates to experience the club.Source


Officially maintained as a secret feature of the theme park, the entrance of the club is located next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant at "33 Royal Street" with the entrance recognizable by an ornate address plate with the number 33 engraved on it. When riding Pirates of the Caribbean, just as the ride departs, the Blue Bayou restaurant is visible, but the balconies above it are actually a part of Club 33.

Club 33 members and their guests have exclusive access to the club's restaurant, and the premises are not open to the public at large. It is the only location within Disneyland to offer alcoholic beverages, though Disneyland has a park-wide liquor license and has set up bars throughout the park for private events. Club 33's wine list includes vintages priced at $1000. In addition to beer and wine, Club 33 has a full bar, though patrons may not order directly from the bar and must place orders through their server.

Members get free access to both Disney parks whenever they are open, plus early park admission several days each week. In addition, members are provided with valet parking to the overall Disney resort and access to Lilly Belle, the presidential caboose car on the Disneyland Railroad. Recently, Club 33 members were also provided the new benefit of getting up to 6 immediate Fastpasses per day, bypassing the stand-by queue for any Fastpass attraction in the parks. Source


That's right, bitches (Sorry, honey. The Candyman hates when I say "bitches."), I got to go to the super-secret Disneyland club! And play in Disneyland. And California Adventure. Booya. Top that.

And it was so incredibly cool and fun.... and the food? Holy crap. It was a bit surreal though. You're all in your semi-comfy Disneyland outfit, yet you're sitting in a 5-star restaurant getting served as if you were in a gown or tuxedo. Our menu choices were so incredible, it was difficult to choose! I went with the Organic Free Range Chicken Breast, Truffled Macaroni & Cheese, Grilled Asparagus with Cipollini Jus. Others in my party had the same, or the Chateaubriand or the Colorado Lamp Chops, Creamy Corn Polenta with Gorgonzola Reduction. I personally started (and finished) with several Kir Royales. One of the amazing things about the club is the "salad bar" that everyone gets to enjoy before their meal. Yeah, I used the quotes because I've never experienced a salad bar that had chilled lobster tails, amazingly beautiful pre-shelled crab claws, shrimp and smoked salmon with capers, dill and cream cheese. Yes, there was salad, but why bother when you've got a big pile of incredibly fresh seafood staring you in the face? I think everyone in our party topped out at 3 visits back and forth to the "salad bar." Not that I was counting. Or cared. I was planted face-first into my plate scarffing up crab claws like it was my job.

After we enjoyed our meals (which were just perfectly cooked), we headed back to the "dessert bar" that was packed with coconut macaroons, mini tiramisus, cakes, mousses...things I'd never even heard of. I ate so much it hurt. And it was totally worth every ache and pain.

Afterwards, we hit up The Haunted Mansion, Thunder Mountain, The Matterhorn (natch) and a few other Disneyland hot spots. By the time we crossed over to California Adventure, we were losing serious steam. We managed a few more rides, a healthy serving of cotton candy, churros and pretzels, some one-on-one time with the Mice and of course, a little souvenir shopping.

Here's a little photographic retrospective of the day.

The non-descript, super-secret entrance to Club 33.



Chocolate and a little writing pad. You know, just in case you need to take notes during dinner.

The balcony at Club 33.

Always the lady.

It was SO HARD not to jump up and down and shout "I LOVE YOU, MICKEY!" So. Hard.

Walt got it so right.

So there you have it. Part one of The Really Cool Thing adventure.

And don't forget to enter to WIN YOUR WEDDING DAY PHOTOGRAPHER!


Pretty (Cool) Things

Just a few things I found today in my constant search for new and exciting. These are things I might actually wear, but probably can't afford. Enjoy.



Image Source

I LOVE combat boots and skirts! It reminds me of my early 1980's punkista days. Punkista? It's a cross between a Punk Rocker and Fashionista. I just made that up. You can use it if you want to.


Image Source

I don't think I'd rock that bow on the belt. Bows just aren't my thing.


Image Source

Long and Flowy! Long and Flowy! Don't care for the shoes those. Hers or his.


New Year, New Blog? Not So Much...

I was totally hoping to surprise everyone with a great new blog design for the New Year, but alas, I have not worked it out. I had a mini-heart attack earlier today in my attempts to update and write my own code. It worked in the test-blog I set up, but then I tried it here and I thought I'd lost all my links and followers and all this happened right as The Candyman wanted a quick smooch. Right at that moment I was freaking out. I was a bit of a Bitch and had to go apologize. Thus, I have given up for the time being on the blog redesign and have opted to write one instead. Go figure.

So where was I?

Right, I was threatening my family with imminent death if they sneaked peeks at the blog. Why? Because I got most people pictures for Christmas! I have to say, I am most impressed with myself. I was able to get a Photo Book made on-line, printed and sent to me at astonishing speed. I'm sure you are all familiar with the fancy-schmancy books you can buy from your photographer, InkuBook or Mac iPhoto. I got mine through MyPublisher, which I found through Costco's on-line photo section (hello, 20% discount!). I simply uploaded all the photos I wanted to tell the story of our wedding day, arranged them in the style of book I wanted (this took me ALL DAY) and had the printed versions in my hot, little hands a mere 3 days later! Totally bad-ass. We got the 15" x 11.5" size with a linen hardcover. If I could do it over again, I'd get the leather cover and pay the extra $$$. The linen cover is very nice, but it tends to fade in areas where it's touched, almost like it's getting dirty. Ew. However, I love my book and so do both sets of parents!

These are just some different shots of the pages so you can see all the different ways to set it up. You can also add text and all sorts of frames and such. It was actually really fun to do! If you're really interested in seeing how it turned out, send me your email addy and I'll send you the link to My Bookshelf on MyPublisher. The book was 47 pages and had 125 photos and was under $90 with my Costco discount!

I also took our engagement photos and loaded those into a small, paperback book as a secret gift to The Candyman. I put a few lines of "tender feelings" along with the photos. I don't know how much he liked it, but I liked making it for him!

I'll tell you what The Candyman was definintely happy about....the Wii I got for him! Look at that smile!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

I will be getting back to the wedding recaps starting with my next post! Now that all has been revealed, I can start posting my fav pics! Ooooh, I can't wait! I can't wait! It's like Christmas, all over again!

I do want to share with you one of the amazing sights that The Candyman and I saw in our Christmas travels.

Yes, the plate says TITMAN. Awesome. What was funny was that the driver noticed I was taking a picture and gave me a strange look as we passed him. I swear, I will never understand people. Never ever. I mean, how could I not take a picture of it?

P.S. I just noticed that I lost all my blog links in my sidebar. Swell. Just swell.


"I Wish" Wednesday

I hate waiting lists for on-line fashionista web-sites. It annoys me to no end. Looking to get on gilt? Do you wish you didn't have to wait? Consider your wish granted.


No waiting. Instant gratification. And you can get the coveted Kenneth Lane Pear Pendant for $30. No lie.