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Groom Moments


Groom Things

The involved groom is not a concept I’m familiar with. I mean, The Candyman definitely took part in the planning process, but for the most part, it was me. There were things he thought were super-important (the ceremony), very important (food) and not important at all (just about everything else). Personally, I wish we’d done something other than the standard tuxedo for him and the rest of the male bridal party. Not that they guys didn’t look great, but The Candyman’s tuxedo didn’t really fit him very well. I didn’t realize this factoid until a few months after we were married and we went suit shopping together. Boy howdy, that man can rock a suit. It made me a little sad that maybe he didn’t get to wear his bestest best like I did.

So here are a few things I’ve recently stumbled upon that I think are super-cool for your groom and perhaps groomsmen. Maybe your dad too!


Always + Forever Cufflinks via Bella Moda Co., $42. Discount if you buy 4 or more pairs!


Super cool iPhone/Wallet from Byrd & Belle, $28!


Belt buckles are a fabulous way for a guy to show his personality without calling it an “accessory.” I adore this Hunter S. Thompson one by bmused belt buckles by Arte, $20.  


This key chain? It says “I love you” in Morse code. How cool (and private and sneaky) is this! From C. Johannesen Studio, $22.


For the money clip kinda guy? Check out this Steampunk cool one from Compass Rose Design, $27.50.

I always have a hard time picking out stuff for the men in my life, but hitting up Cargoh.com and Etsy and searching under “guys” will help you find some interesting stuff! Do you have all the groom-goodies selected? What did you get for the Boy’s Team?


The Knot

OK, for those of you clicking on this post thinking that I've got my panties all in a twist about The Knot? I love you. Were you getting all geared up to read a Thirty-Something Bride Friday rant about The Wedding Industry Complex? If so, you're my kinda reader. But not today. I'm keeping it light and fun on this gloomy Nashville day.

So what's up? Ties. For the guys.

I think my husband is smokin' hot. He's tall and lean with these incredibly sexy broad shoulders and deep blues eyes that just melt my buttah. He looked amazing on our wedding day. He wishes someone had handed him a comb. I thought he looked grand in his tuxedo. However, that was 8 months before I saw him in a new suit. The Candyman had been in severe need of a suit, his most frequently worn being one he bought from Target. Yes, Target. He looked quite dapper in it, but the pants were just a fraction too short (the dude is 6'6") and you know, the material was a little, uh.....inexpensive. So when we heard that The Men's Warehouse was having a BOGO sale, we jumped on it. When his suit finally came in from the tailoring and such? Oh. My. Fucking. God. Seriously, The Candyman's hot factor went off the charts. The is nothing more becoming on a man than a well tailored suit.

So when I look back on some of our wedding pictures now, I can see that the tuxedo didn't really fit him well, though I didn't know it at the time. The pants were wonky and though the jacket was long enough, it was still too wide for his lean frame. Now these are things that only I, a wedding-obsessed perfectionist, would notice at this point. But it got me to thinking. And you know what happens when I think...

Are rented tuxedos really the way to go? I've seen some kick-ass suits in weddings. But, that generally means that you need to buy a new suit. That just wasn't in our budget and I think the Best Man and my dad were thankful for not having that added expense. Though, It would have been cool for all my dudes to be rockin' some tailored suits! What I'm really loving for the guys these days is the ability to personalize. The best way? Ties. Remember Abby and Rogan's Unfake Wedding? The boys got all their ties from Cyberoptix TieLab. Their tag line? Ties that don't suck. Brilliant.

Now, I promise you, this is not the first time you've seen their goodies. When I was researching their Mecca of Ties, I found countless inspiration boards chock-full their handiwork. What I didn't see was a whole lot of wedding press on them, other than the required footnote on the inspiration boards. Sad. Why? Because holy shit, they are cool. Now, maybe I'm not cool enough and have totally missed the TieLab boat. But if I have, that means someone else might have too, and that would be a sad thing. So here's a post about Ties for Your Guys!

They offer like, a bazllion different colors and ink combos that you can customize in several formats:

Microfiber standard width
Microfiber narrow width
Microfiber skinny width
Microfiber toddler clip-on
Microfiber youth clip-on
100% SILK TIES, (standard width only)

Want a specific ink color? They can match just about any pantone or swatch you send them. Too cool. They also offer discounts up to 20% off for bulk wedding purchases. Even cooler. All of the ties come packaged to give as gifts. You can even upgrade to a cool wooden box for an extra $10. Check out some of their designs!

Personalize each groomsman tie with their initial!

Call out your groom!

Yes, the do bow-ties too (both pre-tied [as shown] and DIY tie)!

Can you deny the gear-head groom? I think not. Check out that chassis! (I totally don't even know what a chassis is, it's just fun to say.)

 Pretty...but you know, in a manly way.

 The kick-ass gift-box upgrade.


 My favorite.The front? Marie Antoinette's coat of arms and signature.  The back? A guillotine. The name of the tie? "Let Them Eat Cake!" Love. It. Check out their website though, they have a bazillion design that you can personalize in a gajillion combinations.

*And as a totally weird tangent, as a college student earning my degree in Costume Construction Technology (yes, it's really a degree), part of the curriculum was that we had to work in the Indiana University Elizabeth Sage Historical Costume Collection. This was totally cool because we got to catalog a butt-load of really great, vintage designer stuff. Like, for real haute couture designer stuff. One day I was cataloging a bunch of men's ties and I came across a really beautiful Japanese silk tie from the late 1940's. It was a complex woven design that took my breath away. The catalog number for the tie was on the back side and when I turned the tie over, I saw that there was a completely different pattern on the inside of the tie (where the dark gray color is in the tie above). I also noted that the tie's tack (that little stitch that keeps the back of the tie together) was a lot higher, so you could unfold the back of the tie some. So I did. Do you know what was on the inside? Eighteenth century Japanese porn (click here for an example - be forewarned - it's PORN, people! ) woven into the freakin' tie. I was shocked (and amazed!) and immediately called the Curator over for closer inspection. Her response? "TIE PORN! TIE PORN! TIE PORN!" Who says Curators are fussy? End tangent.  True story.*

Here are some photos of their ties in action!


Please note that all images (except for the one above) came directly from the Cyberoptix website or their Facebook Fan Page. If one of these is your photo and you need cred, please email directly.


 So how 'bout it? Are you suiting up your guys or are you making the trip to The Men's Warehouse? Or are you trying something else? I know a bride who bought an awesome designer tuxedo off eBay. Miraculously, it fit. Like my Unfake Bride Abby, her guys wore jeans with J.Crew jackets and TieLab ties. What's your story?