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Greatest Groomsman Gift Ever! The Tie Flask

My manager picked up brochure at a recent trade show for the Tie Flask as a joke for our group..the tag line says it all:

Because drinking on the job wasn’t easy enough.


This lovely pictorial will explain the device:

Fucking brilliant.

Best groomsman gift ever. There are 40 colors/patterns to choose from and they’re only $24.95. Their website is offering free shipping in the USA.  Check them out now and give your groomsmen something fun and functional!

So much better than cuff links, don’t you think?


Rethink the Rental.

So hindsight is ALWAYS 20-20, right? So I can look back; I can scrutinize, criticize, hypothesize.

I have very few wedding regrets. Did we have letterpress invitations? No. Lily of the Valley and ranunculus? No. Not even red meat. It was fish or chicken. But I really loved what we did have.

But if I were to do what I did again and PERFECT it down to the nth degree? Well, there would be just a few changes.

One thing I’d pay closer attention to? The Candyman’s attire. He has suits he bought post-wedding that look better on him than the rental he wore on his wedding day.

Sumpin’ aint right ‘bout that.

The Candyman looks freakin’ HOT in a well tailored suit. He’s tall, slim and has broad shoulders. What else do you need to look stunning in a suit?

I blame myself though. I ushered The Candyman into The Men’s Warehouse myself. While we argued about shirt color (I won and it looked fantastic), I assumed that being measured for and renting a tuxedo mean that it would actually fit. It didn’t. 

But I am still not sure what we would have done if we didn’t do rented tuxedos. Black suits would have been totally fine. I definitely wanted all the guys wearing the same thing. If The Candyman were to spend several hundred dollars on a nice-ass suit, that means my dad, The Candyman’s dad  and The Candyman’s brother would have had to do the same. Even if it was a simple black suit and not the same black suits, we couldn’t have put that kind of financial burden on our family members to buy new suits. That was NOT something we would ask or could expect from our people. So then what?

I think I thought about another option for about a nano-second, but quickly dismissed it because of the financial restraints as well as the practicality, for at the time we lived in Nashville. My dad, in South Carolina 6 hours away. The Candyman’s family was 12 hours away in Wilmington. Logistically, trying to communicate stuff other than “go to Men’s Warehouse and get measured” was far, FAR too much. Seriously. The Candyman’s family doesn’t have email. No computers. They text and that’s about it.

So there were communication limitations. Monetary limitations. We got married in a church and had a semi-formal reception. Suits were worn across the board.

What were my other options? If a guy doesn’t want to rent a tuxedo, but the bride wants the guys to look cohesive, similar in style as well as semi-formal with less than $100 out of pocket per person? Add in the fact that there is limited conversation and LOTS of distance between them all? Oh yeah, and they are guys. They don’t care about this shit to begin with.

My answer was rental. Anyone else got any other answers?

I spent some time doing some research for this…looking on-line to research suits, jackets, rentals vs. buying. I can usually find what I’m looking for when I set my mind to it. Not this time. Sorely disappointed.  If our personal situation had been slightly different, I think we could have managed a better fitting suit for all the guys. Or found a way to afford some inexpensive, but at least altered suits to better fit them all.

I just love a well tailored man. Don’t you?

image image



image image


So be prepared. Being measured for a tuxedo doesn’t mean a tuxedo that fits is what will arrive.

What are your groomsmen attire plans?