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Honeymoon Pixie

This is a sponsored post. The integrity of T30SB is everything and all post are written by us. If we didn’t believe in their product/service then the post wouldn’t be on this blog.

An overwater bungalow in Bora Bora. This is the fantast locale of T30SB and The Candyman.

Don’t you wish there really was a wedding pixie? Don’t you wish she (he?) would just show up, sprinkle the magical mystical sparkle dust over you wedding woes, turning that garden pumpkin into the horse drawn carriage?

OK, maybe not a horse drawn carriage. That’s so Disney wedding circa 1985….

Leaving the fantasy world behind (because you know we’re all about straight shooting here on T30SB), there are some pretty amazing things out there that can ease those wedding woes of yours, especially if you’re pinching those pennies for the honeymoon.

Couples are doing all sorts of things when it comes to the post-wedding week-long sex-a-thon. First of all, they aren’t always a week. Some couples are taking a long weekend someplace nearby in order to give themselves time to further save for a longer, more exotic honeymoon. Some couples are going super-exotic and fancy, but for that long weekend versus a week.

There’s also the Honeymoon Registry. So many couples are using an alternate registry for the things they want and need. The reality is that couples aren’t getting married straight out of college, needing all sorts of household goods. We’re not jumping from our childhood homes to our married homes. We’re pit-stopping (some of us for longer than others) and we don’t really need the toasters and the blenders and the sheets and Calphalon. We have our own Calphalon, thank you very much.

But I digress. The  point here is honeymoon registries, most specifically, Honeymoon Pixie. Honeymoon Pixie is a fantastic alternate registry for couples who want or need a little help with the after-part of the “I do.”

Check out how easy it is to do:

Setup Registry

Setup your free honeymoon registry in 2 minutes.

Notify Guests

Notify your guests with our Facebook connection, email or announcement cards.

View and Give

Guests view your honeymoon registry and give a monetary gift towards your honeymoon.

Redeem Gift

Redeem your monetary gift funds at any time so you can enjoy the honeymoon of your dreams!

OK, but I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “OK, Louise, this sounds great, but get to the details.” Here are some of the import things:

  • It’s free to set up a registry website with your choice of custom designs, announcement cards, gift and guest tracking, boutique shopping links, travel tips, the Ultimate Packing List, honeymoon destination guides and Facebook integration.
  • Did you see that Facebook integration there? Your friends and guests can see gifts from your registry as they are purchased for you. This encourages guests to visit your honeymoon registry.
  • There is a 7% processing fee (which includes a 3% credit card fee) that your guest can pay when they donate to your registry (that’s the default)  OR that you can choose to pay if you don’t want your guests to incur the fee.
  • Wondering how you get the cash for the honeymoon?
    • Check mailed directly to you sent USPS First Class Mail (free).
    • Bank to bank wire transfer in the U.S. ($10 fee).
    • International bank wire transfer ($30 fee).
    • Your PayPal account (free; PayPal's terms may apply).

Not sure how to integrate an alternate registry into your wedding? Have no fear, Honeymoon Pixie has great Alternate Registry Etiquette advice.

And it’s not just about racking up cash for a plane ticket. You can register for fun activities (hello gondola ride in Italy!), gear (think luggage, camera), pampering (think couple’s massage), wining and dining and last but not least, you can add a charity donation to your registry. Check out this honeymoon registry for an idea of what it looks like once it’s all set up.

So what are your registry/honeymoon plans? Have you embraced the traditional registry? Are you including alternate options for both your guests as well as yourselves? Do tell.


Stocking Up



Back when I was first cutting my teeth as a buyer, I worked for Frederick’s of Hollywood. I worked in the home office, which used to be located smack-dab in the middle of Hollywood Boulevard. This was in the mid 90's before the place got cleaned up some. I’ll tell you, going to work at 7am and seeing the riff-raff still stumbling about from the night before was, uh…interesting. I have to admit though, it was all kinds of fun. We’d sneak away to go watch actors and musicians unveil their stars on the boulevard or down to Mann’s Chinese Theater to watch movie premier red carpet stuff. We’d hit up Musso and Frank’s after work for some Picon Punch and since the receptionist worked nights at The House of Blues VIP room, she’d always let us in to hob-nob with the stars. Good times.

At the time, I was a lowly assistant buyer, in charge of three categories: crotchless panties, hosiery and the plus size categories. Wanna know the best selling item in all of those categories combined? Get ready for it….the satin and lace, all-around zipper crotchless panty in size XXXL, red with black lace. Not something I can explain and not sure I ever wanted to know….at all. Anyway, since the assistant buyers were in charge of all the samples, we always got first dibs on things meant for the annual sample sale! I used to have a nice little cache of lingerie! I’ve since trashed a lot of the trashy lingerie and it hasn’t been replaced. I bought some cute thongs for the wedding, but they have been sitting in my drawers collecting panty-dust ever since. 

My favorite sexy lingerie item is stockings. I love the idea of the garter belt. Through my years as a hosiery buyer, I learned a lot about the quality and craftsmanship of stockings. I had manufacturers sending me real silk stocking samples from Germany, France and England. Simply gorgeous! I had a really cool pair that was nude, but had these cool black designs trailing up the side of one leg. When I wore them, people constantly stopped me to ask me about my leg tattoo! These remind me of those a little bit:


Nude with black seam and “love” for $17.93 from ASOS.

For more “tattoo” style stockings, check out these on Etsy.

If you’re going to shop for quality stockings, you should know a little something about denier. Denier is unit of weight that measures the fineness of a textile, equal to the weight in grams of 9000 meters. Basically, it measures the thickness of something. Think of it like thread-count on your sheets, only the number goes down, instead of  up. The sheerest you can find these days is around 7.

You might be tempted to splurge on real silk stockings, but forewarned is forearmed: silk stretches and then doesn’t un-stretch. Lots of sitting and standing and your cool silk stockings will be bagging around you knees and ankles. No bueno.

And here’s a little factoid: do you know why they stopped making silk stockings? They had to because of World War II. The number one supplier of silk to the U.S. was Japan. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, that trade route was closed. The small supply of silk that we did have went towards making parachutes for soldiers. And then the Mack-daddy of all things vital to women was invented: nylon (followed closely by Spandex). Nylon was a ton less expensive to make than silk, so it opened up a whole new world of availability to lower-income women.

Dr. Wallace Hume Carothers invented nylon in the 1930s and DuPont introduced the stockings in 1938 and promoted them at the 1939 World’s Fair as a rival for silk stockings. In October 1939, according to Sodibas.com, the entire stock of four thousand pairs was sold out in Wilmington, Delaware within three hours.

Dupont then designated May 15, 1940 as "Nylon Day" nationwide and four million pair were sold within four days.*

Can you imagine? FOUR MILLION in FOUR days. Can you say shopping free-for-all?

Here are some of my favorite go-to recommendations for luxury legwear:

Wolford – Home for luxury legwear. Founded in 1949 Germany, they are the go-to for great hosiery. They have co-branded with the likes of Jean Paul Gautier, Philipp Starck, Vivienne Westwood, Karl Lagerfeld and Emilio Pucci.

Gerbe – French manufacturer since 1904. These folks know how to do it.

Girardi – Making them Italian style since 1933!

Most of these manufacturers do lots of private label stuff for Agent Provocateur, La Perla and Faire Frou Frou. If you’re looking for the luxury stuff, go to any of these places to shop.

Here are some more of my favorites from around the interwebs, both bridal and otherwise!


$31.00 from SockBox via Etsy.


16.56 € from Trasparenze.


A little something blue in 15 denier? $49.99 from StockinGirl.


85.00 € from Cazar.


£ 54.95 from Lascivious.

More pretties:













There are a million, jillion places to buy this stuff at all price levels and in all kinds of styles. If you want to try stockings or thigh highs, I suggest buying an inexpensive pair and giving them a test run before seriously investing. They aren’t for everyone, comfort being the biggest factor.

I have a request though, nay a demand. Regardless of what you see in fashion magazines, hosiery with open toed shoes is LAME, even those marked “sandal foot.”  I beg of you, do not do this.

So, what’s your take on legwear? Thigh highs? Stockings? Or are you simply going to rock some Spanx and call it day?



So The Thirty-Something Bride is not one who camps. I have vague memories of our camping expeditions when I was a child. They include vomiting all over my own hair, peeing in a Hi-C can, fighting with my brother in the backseat of our station wagon and being terrified of just about every creeping, crawling, slithering thing in nature. The closest I‘ve come to camping in my adult life is sleeping on an air mattress in the back yard of a friend’s lake house. Or, it could have been the time I was too drunk to drive, so slept in the backseat of my car. Neither experience is one I care to repeat.

There are a few times when I considered camping. Usually it’s when I watch some period-piece movie like Out of Africa with all these wonderful tents with beds and tea service and lots and lots of servants. Yeah, that’s what I call camping. I want someone to set all the stuff up, cook all my meals and keep all the bugs and animals away from me. I knew that this kind of camping didn’t really exist so filed away my romantic African safari fantasy under “Impossibly Lovely.”

Imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon a small article towards the back of this month’s Martha Stewart Weddings called Glamping. That’s right, Glamorous + Camping = Glamping. Who knew? It helps explain this commercial I keep seeing:

Glamping with your Subaru.



Now this doesn’t look too bad, does it? Via Storm Creek Outfitters.




How about THIS for luxury? Check out these options from The Resort at Paws Up in Montana.




I think I could get into this Yurt at Patagonia Camp in South America.


image image image

Sing me up. This is Sinya on Lone Man Creek in Wimberley, Texas!



For all you Southern girls, this one is located nearby in North Georgia, called The Martyn House. They have super-cool tents too. Check out their pictures on Facebook.

Now apparently, I am a little slow on the uptake regarding this whole Glamping thing. There are Glamping blogs, and Glamping on Twitter. Who knew? I mean, when two of your three biggest fears in life are creepy-crawly things bigger than my thumbnail and rodents, it’s not like I’m going to research the best ways to possibly avoid these things. I’m just going to absolutely avoid them, no questions asked.

So what do you think? Are you a Glamping bride? Would you honeymoon this way, a la Subaru-Style? I’d consider this style, as long as I have a personal bug/rodent killing and/or repelling servant to protect me from my own phobias.



What kind of wedding lingerie are you investing in? Is it important t you? And I'm not talking about your wedding day foundations, ladies. I'm talking about the night of/honeymoon ensemble. Is it important to you? I'm going to assume that most brides reading this blog live here in this century and have at least had sex with the man you're about to marry. I mean, I guess y'all could be a Big V and get married, but WHY? I mean it's really none of my business, but whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

So whatever your decision, are you going to sexy it all up with a bit o' lingerie?

You want the God's honest truth? I am so over lingerie. I'm totally jaded. I mean, sheesh - my first buying job was as an assistant buyer with Frederick's of Hollywood. I bought crotchless panties (oh, yes I did!), plus size hosiery and plus size panties (both crotchless and otherwise). You want to know what my best, all time selling item was in all of those areas? Are you ready? It was the plus size all-around zipper satin panty, red with black lace, in size XXXL. Hell yes, it was.  

At the time, I was a judgemental twenty-nothing with my own big bowl of low self-esteem and my initial thought was, "Ew." Like, why would someone who wears a XXXL need a panty that unzips all the way around? You want to know why? Because it's their perogative. Just like Bobby Bown used to say. Seriously. Why would YOU wear one? Easy access? Fun? Sexy? Naughty? For whatever the reason, what was once confusion on my part is now joy. I think it's awesome that the all-around zipper panty in XXXL was my best seller.

But I digress (as usual). Because of my job, I had all sorts of lingerie. Everything you could imagine. I think I overloaded on it way too early in life. I'm just not into it anymore. I don't think I would have had one piece of lingerie for my wedding/honeymoon if friends hadn't hooked me up at my unbachelorette party (thank you, friends)!

So, in honor of the XXXL All-Around Zipper Panty (red satin with black lace), I give you the latest trend in bridal panty-wear. The corset back panty. Behold!


Glamourous Amourous


Catriona Mackechnie


Kiki de Montparnasse


Elle and Cee Lingerie


Faire Frou Frou


Victoria's Secret

 And just for the record, I would like to have the ass in photo #1.

So cute, right? Think about the fun the hubs might have unlacing these! What are you ladies investing in? Come on, spill it.


"I Wish" Wednesday!


Ok, no pressure Jonathon, no pressure. Just really really really excited since I've had two semi-sneak peeks. I'm hoping JC and Sharon don't get upset with me, but I have GOT to post these other two photos I've seen. They don't have the snazzy JCP logo on them, but y'all know how much I j'adore (yes, I know that that reads "I I love") JCP and must give props where props are due. I'll get into that more in the recaps.

I honestly, I'm just over recapping the honeymoon. I mean, it was gorgeous and relaxing and fun and wonderful and all things that a honeymoon should be. I have no complaints whatsoever (hard to believe, no?). But seriously, do you guys care how much food we ate or how much cool Mexican art we bought? The only other really cool thing was the infinity pool. We spent a lot of time there. However, we did come face to face with a deadly scorpion hiding in our umbrella. See:

This little sucker can kill you dead.

The Candyman found him when he was moving the umbrella around to protect our lily-white skin from scorching to death. He put the umbrella down and calmly said, "There's a scorpion." I just about jumped out of my skin. The gardener guy was nearby, we pointed him out and a few seconds later, no more deadly scorpion. I'll tell you what though, every little itch or flutter in the corner of our eyes was a deadly scorpion waiting to kill us. Thank God this happened on our last day there. We would have freaked ourselves out otherwise.
I'll just leave you with a few of the best pictures (in my opinion) from the trip and be done with honeymoon stuff.

Sunset from la casa.

An evening swim with The Candyman. He's hot, no?

The happy couple!

So, without further ado, I'm going to share some contraband photos with you. Seriously, JCP, I'll take these down if you want to me too! I just LOVE them though!

Pre-wedding, outside Owen Chapel.

The ceremony. I loves me some Candyman!

Here are a few others taken by friends and family that I really think are great! Thanks for sharing everyone!

My brother, a greeter and program passer-outer. I hate to call him an usher since he didn't really usher anyone.

Moi. I have no idea when this was taken though.

Walkin' the aisle. Dear Dad, why do you have to have those weird glasses that turn into sunglasses? Oh, and why does Mom have them too? He looks so intense here. I have no idea why. He seemed pretty happy. Maybe he was just focusing on the task at hand. He's that kind of guy.

One of our cakes from the Cake Buffet. This one was the chocolate raspberry with cream cheese frosting. Sweet 16th Bakery knocked it out of the ball park. These cakes were slammin' good.

I'm totally psyched to get more wedding recaps up! I've got my budget figured out too and can give you the 411 on the breakdown. Is anyone interested in that?