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One Day? We’ll Move In.

That’s what we keep telling each other.

'”Honey, one of these days, we’ll actually move into this house.”

It’s all house all the time. It’s been the daily back and forth from old house to work to new house to old house. Gathering mail, managing the paint guy, the floor guys, the electrician/handyman (who, by the way is hot in a very dirty, Brett Michaels sort of way), the cleaning crew (sanding and\ entire house’s hardwood floors is EXTREMELY dirty work – sawdust sticks to EVERYTHING) and still trying to keep it all together at work, with family, my marriage.

Last week I was SO LUCKY to have my folks come up to help me and The Candyman with stuff we don’t know shit about.


  • How to remove and replace a mailbox.
  • How to square up a gate and make it close like it should instead of scraping along the cement on a ghetto-style wheelie thing.
  • Weed. Like the wind. My mother is a master weeder.
  • Solve multiple plumbing issues.
  • How to reconnect your gas stove when the granite installers don’t.
  • How awesome your shit can look if you own a power washer.
  • What plants are what and when to cut them back.
  • Rewire some scary wires in the bathroom.
  • How to drill through bathroom tile.
  • Why 17 bags of pine bark is better than the expensive pine straw…for now.

The Candyman and I learned a lot from the folks. We learned that we have very few tools. We learned that my dad has them ALL. ALL THE TOOLS!

So here’s what been done so far:

  1. Wallpaper was stripped in two bathrooms and dining room.
  2. Entire house was painted – trim, closets, doors, everything.
  3. Carpet pulled up in five rooms.
  4. All hardwoods refinished.
  5. 5 layers of linoleum and floor boards – ripped out to the studs in the kitchen, hallway and laundry room and replaced with hardwoods and tile.
  6. Granite in the bathrooms and the kitchen.
  7. New fixtures in the kitchen.
  8. New registers in the WHOLE HOUSE. Registers are the little grate thingies with the louvers that spew out the air, or suck it all in – as is the case in our old house. I think there are 36 of them.
  9. Replaced all the outlet and switch covers.
  10. Scrubbed, primed and painted the laundry cupboards.
  11. Removed and replaced a toilet and it’s seat.
  12. Primed and painted all kitchen cabinet trim and the drawer interiors.
  13. Lined half the kitchen cabinets.
  14. Rented a shop vac and sucked up my weight in sawdust.
  15. The Candyman dug up about 90% of the Spider Flowers (those little fuckers smell like skunk).
  16. Removed the sucky ass bullshit pond.
  17. Trimmed about 500 bushes. OK, maybe 20.

IMG_0837 IMG_0867 IMG_1007

It’s getting there! Looks SO MUCH BETTER with hardwood in the kitchen. I’m excited to be photo journaling the process, albeit with my iPhone.

I’ve got Pilo the Painter combing back on Tuesday to finish painting the floor boards and shoe molding (refinishing hardwoods tears up the baseboards). Once he’s done? The moving in can being! We’ve moved a few things already – TruLu Couture stuff mostly. And it looks like we’re going to have to pack and move ourselves. Gah. We got a moving quote and it was so fucking expensive. I knew we’d have to do this part ourselves, but oh well. That’s why there’s a truck in the family. To move our shit for cheap.

We will eventually hire some dudes to do the heavy lifting. Guess I’ll be figuring that out next week. And rugs. I need some rugs for the  lovely hardwoods.

And we’ll need to figure out what to do with our too-big pub table. And that fourth bedroom. And. And. And.

Oh and guess what? I’m going back to China soon! It’s been too long since I’ve had some serious char siu bao.

Weddings? WHAT?

Though I have been thinking about them lately. Go figure.