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In Praise of the Ugly

So this next T30SB Guest Post is from an Anonymous someone. Everything fantastic I have to say about her would give up a little bit of her anonymity, so I must refrain from accidentally spilling those little fantastic bits about her. I will say these things about her: unexpected, magnificent, smart.

In Praise on the Ugly 

Weddings bring up issues of beauty, to put it mildly.

I came home from my mother's (not unexpected) funeral in mid July with a month to finish planning our wedding. I was lucky to get up in the morning, much less lovingly craft out of town bags for my friends from the letters that they sent me over the years. I spent my evenings reading schlocky novels and sipping whiskey rather than carefully cutting out our initials to stick on everything that doesn't move. Did I mention I can't even fucking draw a straight line?

Even before my mother died we were against detail. Mike and I are writers, not designers, and our strengths are writing vows in Dr. Seuss meter (trochaic dimeter, if you care), eating great food, and cracking jokes. Mike's best man(woman) wrote her speech in the five minutes between the picture taking and the reception and it was the best damn speech of the night.

My sister-in-law bought the lanterns for centerpieces at IKEA. Did I love them? I loved that I didn't ever have to think about centerpieces again. Don't even talk to me about chairs. Can you sit in them? Fantastic, done. I bought $100 worth of wildflowers from a local farm. My bouquet had a bunch of colors and smelled like rosemary; I loved it.

Let's talk about my looks. When I was twelve, I complained to my older sister that all the Disney princesses and heroines were white and snub-nosed. I framed it in terms of racism. She replied "You mean don't have frizzy curly hair, brown eyes, and a big Jewish noses like we do?" She was all too right.

For a long time I thought I was single because I was ugly.

When I went to get a makeover (can you be made over when you've never been made up to begin with?), the only thing the makeup artist managed to say about me was that I had nice eyebrows. I do have nice eyebrows (completely unplucked), but still.

And then there are the cameras. I hate having my picture taken. I mean really really despise it. There's nothing about my face that a camera likes. Unruly hair, small lips, small eyes, big nose, inconvenient freckles. My face washes out and I look dead in photos. However, when I got married my partner (a budding photographer) said "there will be pictures. And you will smile."

Fuck smiling.

We had a photo shoot on the beach after the wedding rehearsal; we were all dressed up, but not in our wedding clothes. I spent about two seconds getting ready because we were so late. My hair was a mess. I wore no makeup (I never wear makeup). I felt lucky to have thrown on a necklace. I was cranky and stressed out. Mike and I had fought in the car on the way over and pretty much every word out of his mouth pissed me the fuck off. And the pictures looked awesome.

My photographer, a friend of mine, took us down the beach saying "look like you love each other. Look like you love each other." And although I wanted to kill Mike, I remembered that, in fact, I did love him and being on the beach and near him made me happy. I looked like nothing was wrong in the world.

At the wedding everyone told me I was "a beautiful bride." And you might laugh, but it made me mad. I was made up and the dress was pretty. Why weren't they saying "You look so happy" or "You make a great couple" which would have felt less false. Beauty is something we're born with or not. Being a happy couple is something we make.

There's a picture of Mike and me in front of the window overlooking a small New England harbor. Between us and the water is a parking lot. Behind us are some flags, which are far more patriotic than we felt. The hall was plain: not ugly, but plain. I can't imagine anyone noticed.


The Sunday Post


Though a poorly edited one and with a limited vocabulary, I do consider myself a bit of a writer.

I never said I was good.

I feel my heart of writing missing in the last few weeks, mostly because I’ve been so consumed with my new job, figuring out a new schedule and managing my stress levels. My mojo has been a bit absent in my writing.

Though I’ve been dying for it to come out, it’s been a little overwhelmed lately. “It” being the creative-side brain that needs to chill the fuck out and write something half-way readable.

I’ve poured myself an early Sunday afternoon glass of champagne to chat with you guys about an idea I had that hopefully everyone will have fun with.

I have so many blogs that I love to read. There are Writers who embarrass me with their witty reparte and clever linking of life, love and sarcasm.  There are those who are fearless. Those who are funny. The stylish. The brave and the loving.

Amongst many bloggers, there are groups who communicate outside the blog world. We interact with each other. Blogs have convinced me that people aren’t who you think they are are first blush. Blogs have taught me not to stereotype. Blogs have taught me that I have a horrid vocabulary.

As a blogger, and as someone who writes a bit more reservedly now (because all sorts of people read this crap), there are posts that I dream of writing one day. Fantasy posts, if you will. They vary in style.

I dream of being the first to post a cool semi-celebrity wedding. Like, I’d love to have been at Amy Carter’s (President Jimmy Carter’s daughter) wedding.  Or Chelsea Clinton. I think I’d love to go to politically charged wedding. And be the first to post about it.

I dream of writing the post of all secret posts that won’t ever get posted. [nevernevernevernevernevernevernevernever]

I dream of writing the post to the boy who broke my heart the worst. [I’ve been mentally writing it for a good decade.]

To the woman who was the biggest bitch. [Naweisniak, I fantasize verbally tongue lashing you to death with sarcasm and a feeling of total inadequacy in all that embodies you in mind and spirit.]

The the best teacher [Mrs. Reyes], the worst teacher [Mr. Voss]. The odd, weird people who permanently changed my life, whose names I can’t remember but whose actions continue to linger around my consciousness, oblivious to the time, long since past. [Like the strange soldier who ‘rescued’ me from the middle of the train tracks in Iwakuni, Japan; who actually scared me more than the train would have since I purposely stopped there to feel the excitement of the nearby train.I wasn’t really in danger. He was acting overly heroic in front of his buddies.]

But unless you are completely anonymous in your blog (this can be VERY hard to do, by the way), there’s no way to write the posts that nip and snap at your writing mind, like an annoying little fucking shih tzu. So I reached out to a handful of my writing friends (blog and otherwise); the ones who I think write like the wind. I asked them to write the post they couldn’t write publicly, the anonymous opportunity to share thoughts with other brides, whether about weddings, or life and womanhood in general. 

And they are responding. Slowly. With their own blogs, writing and life getting in the way. I really wouldn’t have it any other way. So aver the next couple of weeks, I’ll be sharing some posts from both the anonymous and the public. About wedding, marriage and life in general. I’m excited to share some writing of some people I truly respect.

Do me a favor and show them some comment love when you read them. Nothing makes a writer happier than feedback.  I’m SO excited to share!

If you didn’t get an email from me and you think you want share the  Post That You Could Never Post, feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to hear from you.


Centerpieces–Lining & Layering

You know those cool centerpieces you see with all sorts of stuff in vases along with the flowers? Stuff that looks soooo cool and you're wondering, "How did they do that?" Or maybe it's just me who wonders. Well, wonder no more. It's so super easy. All you need is two glass vases, one to set inside the other, and some stuff to put in-between and around the small interior vase. Whether you DIY this with your own vases, or work with your florist to create come cool looks, there are ALL SORTS OF THINGS you can use to help you with the look and feel of your centerpieces. Here are some visual ideas, but make sure you scroll through the pics for more ideas:



Via 33 Shades of Green. Are they Red Hotsor Red Skittles?


Via The Wedding Chicks for a sweet treat!

image image

Via B-Movie Star with lemons and white, brown and colored eggs.

image image

Sequins in water! A BLINGTASTIC IDEA via Lauren Conrad and cut limes by Tiny White Daisies.

image image

Leafy liners via Veranda and The Knot.

Or how about some of these ideas....

Coffee Beans




Dried Beans (peas, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, etc)

Gum Balls

Mini Glass Christmas Balls

Lace or Fabric, scrunched and layered

Popcorn (popped or unpopped)

Vintage paper from old books


Faux Robin's Eggs

Cotton Bolls

 Curly Willow

Think about what the them of your weddings is. What's special to you and your beau that you could incorporate subtly (or not so subtly!).

What would you use?  


What Adele Does Right (and How You Can Too!)

I think we can all agree on how freakin’ fabulous Adele is right? Girl swept up the Grammys and rocked the house as well.

I’ll share a couple of the live kick-ass stuff in a second, but I want to point out a few thing the lady does and does spot on….other than sing, that is.

The Clothes

Adele is no waif. She’s got hips and tits and to me, looks like a modern version of a Peter Paul Ruben painting (please do yourself a favor and DO NOT Google ‘Rubenesque’ and hit images. You will not be pleased and the result is FAR from what I’m talking about here)1.

She plays up all the right things: the gorgeous hair, her beautiful eyes and the pouty lips that give Angelina Jolie a run for her lip-money. She wears figure slimming colors, belts that give her a waist and define her hourglass figure.

Her red carpet ensemble was simply divine and was far more lovely than some other outfits we saw.


She wore a different gown on stage and there's something about that dress you big busted ladies should note:



Our girl’s got a long-sleeve sheer top on her lace dress. For most of us, that means a strapless bra or those stick-on boob things. As a barely B-cup kind of a girl, I find both of those options are a pain in the ass. Nothing ever really stays up very well and God forbid if you accidently catch some nipple when removing the adhesive bra thing. “Ow!” is an understatement.

So check out the top of her dress. See the nude V-neck underneath the black? You can barely see it, but it allows Adele to wear a bra and still give the illusion of baring a little skin. Well done, Adele. Well done.

If you have a similarly styled wedding gown (or any dress for that matter), any decent seamstress can add this feature in for you.

Nail Art 

If you’ve spent even a nano-second on Pinterest, you’ll see that nail art is all the rage. We see daily versions of perfectly painted nails clasping an OPI bottle. While Adele plays it a little conservative in terms of her clothing, she does show a little rock-n-roll with her nails. Love the glitter front and the blood-red BACKS of her nails!

And I loved the oval shape. Been seeing that trend pick up speed in the last few months around here (here being the interwebs).  image



As someone who is horrid about applying make-up, I feel a little bit like a fake talking about this, but it’s pretty cut and dry. Adele has a heavy face. Her weight has fluctuated over the years, but her make-up is always flawless and she plays up the right things for her face-shape. It’s ALWAYS about the eyes. Heavy mascara, lashes and liner draw the eye up as does her blush. Keeping a pale lip (as she often does) keeps you focused upwards and not on the weight she might be carrying around her chin/neck. I found a great on-line tutorial here on how to create the same look.


Like most women, I adore Adele’s music. We can all relate, right? Her latest video, “Set Fire to the Rain” performed at the Royal Albert Hall had me thinking WEDDING BACKDROP the first time I saw it.


Watch to the 1:00 mark (at least!) and check out the lamp shade backdrop. The lamp product developer in me? Oh, it made my little heart sing with joy when I saw this! I started thinking about a cool DIY backdrop project that I have no business spending money on…. I’m thinking a painted wood back, string lights and mini shades. I found this super-cute DIY tutorial on Good Housekeeping.com on making mini shades for string lights out of little mouthwash cups! Check it out here and start thinking about how you can mimic the video. I’m fantasizing about painted cord covers, mini-shades (the kind you use on chandeliers) and I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT because it would be truly bad ass.


At the tender age of 23, Adele gets it. It kind of pisses me off when women who are so young are so together. When I was 23, I had my head so far up my own ass… I love that she knows who she is and that’s that.  We can all learn a little something from her attitude, me thinks. If you didn’t see it last night, check out this amazing interview from 60 Minutes.

 She found an app that let her swear through her phone? Oh, you know she’s my kind of girl!

Like most folks, I’m pretty excited about Adele’s rise to fame. What I love most is that she isn’t all about tits and ass and baring it all physically. She bares her soul through her music and that, THAT is what makes her totally alluring, sexy, mysterious and yet totally relative and relatable.

Hooray for Adele!


1 You did it, didn’t you? I warned you.


{On Trend} The Back is Back!

First of all, have you see this? I have a hang-over just thinking about it.

Second, it’s been a while since I dove right into the goodies of wedding fashion world, so I thought I’d chat about one of my fave new trends right now – the open/sheer back detail of weddings gowns.

Now, we could all roll our eyes and think of ourselves as lemmings, assuming the trend is hot because of Carolina Herrera’s gown that whatsherface wore in that incredibly stupid Twilight saga movie. Make no mistake, I was in the theater the weekend it came out, but ohmygod was it bad.

But seriously, a trend isn’t going to become one unless people like it and want it. Need proof? Is ANYONE talking about or copying that god awful headpiece that Kardashian wore on her wedding day? No. Why? Because it was stupid and no one wants to wear that shit.

If you look at trends from a spot about 10,000 feet above all the noise, you can see things moving and morphing. Trends start off small and then grow to horrid extremes and then are gone, POOF! Just like that.

So floating above the noise, looking down at the wedding gown world, it seems all we’ve witnessed for years is a variation of strapless. Strapless, strapless, strapless as far as the eye could see. Why? I think it was a knee-jerk reaction to the sleeves of the 1990’s. (Side bar: so many of my girlfriends from college got married in the 90’s and the lamentations I’ve heard over their gown choices now are TOO FUNNY!). The sleeves got carried away and then Vera Wang stepped  into the scene with her gorgeous simplicity and on a dime, the direction changed.

I love that Kate Middleton brought us back to sleeves and her sister made our jaws drop at the stellar simplicity of the backside of her bridesmaid gown. I would pay some money to know whether or not she was rockin’ some Spanx because DAMN GIRL! Nice ass!

Anyway, you can see things trending from afar. Want a tip? In the décor area, we’ve seen French Provincial and it’s iterations for SIX SEASONS. I wouldn't put a lot of investment into that look for too much longer. We've worn ourselves out with it.

So instead of further dissecting trends, let’s just enjoy some eye-candy of this current one, shall we? Love me some back detail!

image image


image image

image image


image image

Angel Sanchez

image image

image image

image image

image image

Claire Pettibone

image image

Reem Acra

Here are just a few more, jaw dropping inspirations.

image image

image image

image image

image image

All photos found in and around here.

So what do YOU think? Loving the trend or no? Do tell.