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The Something Blue

On a much lighter note from my last post, I have some rockin' good news. I bought shoes! I think theses are it!

I was out shopping last weekend in Hong Kong and found these in a little shop near my hotel. They are 2" high (but look more, don't you think?) and are actually comfortable!

While they are not Manolo's, like the coveted style Carrie wore in Sex and the City, they do feel reminiscent of the look. At least to me they do!

The saleswoman in the shop was getting irritated with me (I think) because I couldn't make up my mind. I kept walking back and forth in them and trying to decide what to do. I finally told her they were for my wedding and she seemed to get it. In her best English (and me with my best Cantonese), we had a conversation about the Western tradition of "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue." It was comical, at best. The shoes were HK$598 and were 10% off. When I went up to the register, they were magically 20% off! LOVE when that happens! All told, the shoes were just under $68! Not too shabby, me thinks.


Forever and a Day!

Oh. My. God. I have totally missed the blogging world! Sorry for the silence, but I am over here working and my time is not always my own, regardless of the hour! And to be honest, connecting to the Internet from China can be a total pain in the ass. In fact, I couldn't even connect to Blogger using a public connection. How strange is that? Access denied via the People's Republic of China!

Last I posted, I was in Hong Kong. I am here again and actually get the entire weekend off (I normally have appointments at least on Saturday if not both Saturday and Sunday)! Why? Because some Canadian brought the H1N1 virus into a town I was supposed to visit. As a result, the government would not allow foreigners to book hotels, so I had to rearrange my trip. I'm telling you, the Chinese are not messing around with this virus. Every where I go I have to fill out health forms telling them where I've been, where I'm going, contact info...it's exhausting. I get my temperature taken at every public transit portal. All these health officials who point a little thermometer gun at your head and then wave you through or pull you into quarantine. Nice.

At any rate, I'm in Hong Kong again for the weekend. I've got some fun stuff to blog about and will do that tomorrow. I actually have two friends in town from the states who I plan to meet up with as well. FUN!

Because I had to cancel my trip, the agent I was to work with took me out to a fabulous dinner in Hong Kong tonight. We then went back to see his new apartment. Holy cow! This photo of his dining room really doesn't do it justice, it's just gorgeous!

Steven (my agent) invited my out to the balcony to hang out while he smoked. Here's a cheesy (and blurry!) photo op of him. I've worked with him for about 10 years now. He's the best!

Last, but certainly not least, check out this amazing view from his 37th floor balcony. I have to admit, I had a little vertigo going on the closer to the railing I got! Their bedroom has the same view - two wall are all floor to ceiling windows! Could you even imaging living here?

Tomorrow, I promise I'll get back to bridal goodness. Sorry for the silence, but I have just been overwhelmed with business! Sometimes my job totally gets in the way of my blogging, y'know? How does the rest of the blogging community cope? :)


Hong Kong - Wedding Central, Part II and a Half

"Let's Enjoy Gel Magic" Happy Wedding stickies at Jusco - Hong Kong's version of Target. I found this little wedding nugget in the HK$10 (US$1.40) section. What a deal! I'm particularly found of the candle on the cake. Is this a fluke or some other weird tradition I need to investigate?

OK, I had along discussion today with a Hong Kong woman about her wedding and got some interesting scoop.

The men do not carry bouquets. The groom actually goes and gets the bride to take her to marry him. I know Indians do this too (on horseback, no less!). The guys brings the woman her bouquet, which is sort of sweet. He is sort of in charge of it throughout the ceremony, which is why the guy is holding it in the photo I took of the couple in the car. So, that mystery is cleared up.

Now get this....most brides don't buy their wedding day garb, they rent it! One of my agent's told me this interesting little factoid. Only the very rich buy their gowns. Most people go to a store and pay around HK$5000, or US$700 to rent up to 6 ensembles. These 6 outfits can be anything from the Western style white wedding gown and traditional red Chinese dress to the groom's tuxedo, to bridesmaid dresses to Mother of the Bride dresses. How strange is that? I showed my agent the freaky green and black dress from my shopping excursion on Sunday and she explained that it wasn't a bridesmaid's dress, but one of many dresses that the bride could change into during the reception! Apparently, brides change gowns a few times during the course of the evening.

There is yet another wedding in my hotel tonight (it's Tuesday here now). My camera was up in my room and I was just too exhausted to go get it and take pictures (how sad is that?). The party had already started, so I would have had to totally crash the wedding. Hmmmm. On second thought, maybe it's not too late. Wedding crashing - that would be a new experience! Or maybe not. I'm a huge believer in karma. What goes around comes around, right? I seriously don't need any Chinese tourists crashing the day of The Big Show.

I'm off to bed now. I have an early flight to Xiamen (pronounced SHA-MEN), China, in the morning. More updates later. Keep the comment love coming. I've only been gone a week and I'm starting to feel lonely over here.....


Hong Kong - Wedding Central, Part I

I swear, the hotel I stay in here in Hong Kong has a wedding every other second. First of all, the Chinese do not marry just on Saturdays like Americans do (although I am getting married on a Sunday because it's half-price). They go visit some family fortune teller (or religious guru or astrologist or something like that) and they take the bride and groom's Chinese birth years and measure it up against all sorts of things and determine a proper date for a couple to get married. So, there are weddings on Tuesdays in Hong Kong. It's perfectly normal and acceptable. In fact, from what I hear, lots of couples prefer mid-week weddings to keep attendance down, therefore costs down. Weddings in China are no small deal. I was talking to a Hong Kong resident and she had 750 people at her wedding. WTF?

I am lucky that I get to stay in really nice hotels. It's just another travel perk I get. The hotel here is my home away from home. I know all the doormen and bellhops and concierge guys. They all know me by name and it's nice. It's got a really great view and would be a lovely wedding location. Here are some pics I took last night.

The view from the second floor lobby down into the main lobby.

The marble staircase leading up to the grand ballroom. All the flowers are fake - for every wedding I've ever seen here.

The very bizarre snacks in the registration area. It looks like Starbursts, dried pumpkin seeds and Gorp. Weird.

A close up of the seating assignments. Um, who's at Table 26?

Entering the Grand Ballroom. Swanky, no?

This is the bridal party head table, dressed in red. Traditionally, the Chinese wear red at weddings, but they have adopted the white Western style wedding dress. Lots of times the brides will marry in white and change into a traditional Chinese gown for the reception/exit.

The other tables settings. All the flowers in here are fake too.

Make no mistake, it's Cathy and Leo who are gettin' hitched!

The ice sculptures. I'm not sure if it could get tackier. The Chinese love opulence and gaudy, of this I am certain.

The wedding party bustling about. I'm not sure of the rules and such regarding bridesmaid dresses. The ones I see at the hotel are always ivory/white, but are generally short. They don't match either. I need to find out more about this phenomenon.

Sadly, I didn't catch a glimpse of the bride for this wedding. However, when I came back from my foray this afternoon, I did catch that bride and got photos! Stay tuned, that post with pictures is coming soon! It was a Hong Kong Wedding Extravaganza for The Thirty-Something Bride today! Oh, so much to tell. And yes, shoes are involved!


Cathay Pacific

So this has absolutely no wedding relevance whatsoever, but I am compelled to share. I am totally lucky that I get to fly first or business class when I go overseas. I flew Cathay Pacific Airlines for the first time from Manila to Hong Kong. I was totally shocked when I got on the plane. They have the strangest seats! All of the chairs are at angles and each passenger gets his own little pod. No neighbors crawling over you or anything like that. Check it out!

View while sitting in my own pod.

Th tray table and screen on the left pop out and turn towards you for use. The seats goes into a full recline and creates a long bed with the "foot stool" at the bottom. Totally rad for long flights. I'm all about going horizontal!

Pre-flight champagne is a must. Gawd, I am so spoiled! :)

I'm taking Cathay again from Hong Kong to India, so will probably have the same set up. I normally take Thai Airlines, but I got a direct flight this time and I am so stoked. Normally I have a 5 hour layover in Bangkok. Ew. Long layovers blow, especially when they split up equally long flights. This new flight makes me happy happy. Yes, I do believe it's the little things that make all the difference!