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God, I Hate Suze Oreman

Seriously, I do. Hate her. I hate her with the white hot passion of a thousand suns. However, she's offering a freebie and while I might detest her, I'm not stupid.

Go clicky clicky here and read about how you can get some great free documents all couples need to start their new lives together. I posted about it on Weddzilla.

No, it's not romantic, but it is necessary and something we all need.

I was trying to find the most hideous photo of Suze Orman I could find online to post with this, and this photo came up in my search. I shit you not. Page 13 of my Google image search. I swear.


Addendum: My friend sent me this bit of information from her BF who knows all about this sort of thing:

"You may want to let her know that online will and trust kits which are almost always thrown out in court. They must be backed by legal representation otherwise they are of zero value. Even the ones that you pay $150.00 for are worthless. Most attorneys will make you go through probate because they will not stand behind the work of something you downloaded for free and they did not draft themselves. In the end, you still end up paying full price for legal representation in order for those documents to mean anything. It is kind of like taking a bottle of wine to a restaurant, they are still going to charge you a corking fee to drink your own wine at their restaurant."

Good to know.


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