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(Unfake Wedding Feature} Krystal & Aaron Are Modern in Minneapolis

Let’s just jump right in on this Unfake Wedding. No dilly-dallying this morning. We’ve got weddings to recap!


The most important question: wedding night…did you or didn’t you?

T30SB Commentary: It appears I’m getting the silent treatment….again.

Please take the time to tell me all the vendors you used.

Photographer  Lace Hanky

DJ/Band  Not satisfied with our vendor.

Reception Venue Spill the Wine

Guest Hotel  The Depot Renaissance Hotel

Flowers  Molly Robertson

Dress  Posh, Dress by  Lila Couture

Hair/Make-Up  Hair by  Nicollete Konecny, Make-Up by New Reflections Salon

Tuxedos/Suits Men’s Warehouse

Invitations/Stationary Stelie Designs

TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky2 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky3


Who was your favorite vendor and why?
Lace Hanky! Pictures were one of the most important things to us about the wedding. We
wanted lasting memories that were beautiful & captured the day. We felt so comfortable
& confident with Lacey, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result! he pictures by far
exceeded our expectations. She made it so easy on us, and we couldn’t have picked a better
team to capture this time in our lives. Their shots were amazing! Very talented team!


TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky5 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky6

TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky7 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky7


TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky9 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky10

Was there a “method to your madness” in choosing your vendors?

Many were either friends, or recommendations from friends. That made it really easy! Aside from that, we devoted the most time & focused earliest on the elements that were most important to us. We made a priority list at the start of planning, and this really helped us keep things into perspective along the way.

How long did you take to plan your wedding?

About 8 months.

TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky11 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky12

How many guests did you invite versus how many came?

We invited about 100 and had about 80 attend.

What was your budget ?

Between $10k-$50k.

T30SB Commentary: OK, I give brides the option to share their budget with readers…or not. It helps brides understand the cost of weddings and visualize what a certain wedding may or may not look like in the city where the get hitched. However, if I had the opportunity, I’d give this bride just a little shit for giving such a huge range. It’s like the difference between buying a 2009 Kia Optima and a 2011 Porche Boxter.



TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky15 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky16

TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky17 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky18

TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky19  TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky20

Did you include rings and/or the honeymoon in your budget?


Were you over or under budget? By how much (you can give a percentage)?

We went over a little, only by 5%





How large was your bridal party?

Five bridesmaids, 3 groomsmen, 2 ushers and1 ring bearer.

Did you have favors for your guests? If so, what were they? How much did you spend?
We donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in memory of Aaron ( the groom’s) dad, in
lieu of favors.

Did you include any special family traditions?

When we wrote our ceremony program, we included elements from our parents’ ceremonies. In addition, one of our mom’s created garters, the ring bearer pillow and purse out of her old wedding dress and included some special touches to represent Aaron’s late father. We now have these pieces in our family and a new tradition to carry forward.

TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky25 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky26


What was your biggest day-of crisis and how did you handle it (or rather, not handle?)?

I had a huge blemish on my chin the day before the wedding. The day of, it looked horrible. My makeup artist did an amazing job, and our pictures look great, despite this. Instead of fretting
and pointing it out to everyone all day, I just focused on the day and all the other WAY more
important things going on.

What was your biggest wedding planning crisis and how did you handle it (or rather, not handle?)?

Initially, we wanted to do a destination wedding, planned 6 months after our actual wedding. When we decided to move the date up 6 months and have a more traditional wedding here at home, I was floored by the number of things I needed to do and know…. immediately. Since I have watched many of my friends get married, and I am a little older, I had some pretty strong ideas already. This made it easier to jump right in. Instead of going to wedding fairs and looking at magazines to get ideas, I just went right to the sources and checked availability. The internet is wonderful!

Who was the biggest pain in the ass on your wedding day?
I honestly can not name one! Everyone was so great, and the day was so much fun!


TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky29 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky30


What was the biggest waste of money that you loved?

My dress! I really wanted to save money on that and was totally prepared to find something simple and affordable. Once I tried it on, I loved the style and the way it looked. All logic and will power went out the door! I couldn’t really get it out of my mind and reluctantly gave in. But I love it!

What was the biggest waste of money that you wish you’d passed on?

The DJ. We were really dissatisfied.

T30SB Commentary: I feel you, sista,

What did you love that was also the cheapest?

My shoes and jewelry. I borrowed my shoes from a friend and found beautifully jewelry at local bridal shop that was going out of business. I got a smokin’ deal!



TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky34 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky35


What was the most unexpected thing that happened (not necessarily a bad thing, just a surprise)?

I had an idea of what the ceremony and reception would look like (all held at Spill the
Wine), but when we entered the venue and it was all set up, it just looked beautiful! I didn’t
expect to have that reaction to the venue set up. It was nice!

What was the funniest thing that happened?

One of our ushers was in charge of the music for our ceremony. He was supposed to play a specific song at the close of the ceremony, but had some difficulty with the iPod. A few awkward moments passed while we all stared at him. He finally got it, and we were able to head down the aisle.

What was the most ooey-gooey, tear-jerking moment?

The beginning of the ceremony really seemed to choke everyone up. Unsure if it was the song (Adele’s “Make You Feel My Love”) or if it’s a usual reaction at wedding ceremonies, but there were several tears and sniffles. Of joy, I hope!



TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky42 TheThirtySomethingBride_LaceHanky50


Did you DIY? What parts?

A few things- We asked a friend to get ordained and marry us. The three of us (my friend, husband and I ) wrote the ceremony. We also purchased all of the decorations and created a photo guestbook. We made gift bags for our out of town guests with some of our homemade wine.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

Kauai, Hawaii

If you could do it all over again, what would you change, if anything?
It was a great day! The only negative was the DJ. He was horrible.


Congratulations to Krystal & Aaron!

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Big fan of that darker shade of red rose and the modern type used on the namecards. Some great photos.

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